Sammy Hagar is most known for his time with Van Halen, where he co-wrote, sang, and played guitar on million-selling classics including ‘Poundcake’ and ‘When It's Love,’ earning him induction into the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame.

Is Sammy Hagar Married?

Hagar, the former Van Halen frontman, made longtime girlfriend, Kari Karte, his wife on 29th November 1995.

The husband and wife met each other while Van Halen was on tour in the early ‘90s.

Hagar had invited Karte to judge a bikini contest in a bar, along with Eddie Van Halen. They then later flew her to the band’s next show.

The couple wedded on Mount Tamalpais situated in Marin County, California. It was the place above Hagar’s home in Mill Valley.

Sammy Hagar and his wife rocking out.
Sammy Hagar and his wife rocking out. (Source: Instagram)

However, even before Hagar first met his spouse while touring, Karte was already a fan of Hagar.

She was rocking to Van Halen’s crazy guitar riffs among the audience 10 years before at one of their concerts.

“So crazy Kari, my wife was at that show as well,” wrote Hagar responding to a fan, who was also at the show, on social media.

Now, it has almost been 27 years since the two decided to tie the knot. They have two daughters, Kama and Samantha. He also has sons Aaron and Andrew, with his first wife.

How Sammy Hagar Fell in Love with His Wife

Without a doubt, the Red Voodoo vocalist knows how to rock out on stage! But there's a sensitive side to the 74-year-old!

"The Red Rocker" is known for gushing about his wife.


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As per him, the best day of his life was when he met Karte, his second partner. He met her on his friend’s birthday, just two days before the singer celebrated his own, while on tour.

"I met her and we kind of, you know, saw each other again and again and after about the third time we just stayed together," said Hagar to Closer Weekly.

But it wasn’t the ravishing looks of Karte that attracted Hagar to her, nor was it her beautiful blonde locks. It was her toes that drew the curly-haired singer to his partner.

He describes them as “the most beautiful long Cheeto toes you’ve ever seen.” He admits that he wanted to eat them while also saying that he doesn’t have a foot fetish.

“I saw her feet and thought, 'wow she’s beautiful,'” said the singer, remembering the night.

Sammy Hagar’s Relationship with His Daughters

The current star of The Chickenfoot and The Circle is very close with his daughters that he had with Karte.

Sammy Hagar with his daughter Kama

Sammy Hagar with his daughter Kama (Source: Hagar's Instagram)

His interaction with them on social media confirms their lovely bond.

He posted a photo of him celebrating his daughter Samantha's birthday in 2020, saying that he couldn't believe she had graduated from high school.

In 2021, he tweeted about her on her birthday saying that she has looked like a little angel since the day she was born. “I’m so happy w/the direction she took in life!” reads the tweet.

He also reacts to his elder daughter, Kama’s photos frequently. Once he replied to a photo of her on vacation by saying that he wanted to join her too.

Kama also loves her dad. On Hagar’s 73rd birthday, she shared that she admired the way he lives his life and his ability to come back “bigger and better and crazier” after each year.