Sam Thompson's relationship with his girlfriend Zara McDermott is back on track and moving in the right direction now.

In his recent public interviews, the reality star, who had famously split with McDermott in September 2020 after she admitted to cheating on him, says he believes his present girlfriend is meant for him.

The couple rekindled their romance a few months after their relationship was thrown into turmoil. They even made a lighthearted spoof of the Made In Chelsea scene where McDermott begged for his forgiveness.

"I hated that time. I didn’t enjoy it at all. But what human would? The way I handle things is by smiling and laughing about it and just trying to make it seem lighter than it already is. That’s always the way I’ve been," Thompson said about the infidelity.

Sam Thompson Talks about Bedroom Romance

While speaking on FUBAR Radio, Thompson unhesitatingly spilled the beans about his physical relationship with his girlfriend as he jokingly said he barely satisfied McDermott in bed.

He added he would be happy to give up on morning romance and instead have a hotel buffet breakfast during their vacations or hotel stays. He also spoke on behalf of his beautiful partner and stated that she would enjoy the buffet breakfast than the morning romance.

I barely satisfy her [Zara] anyway. so I’ll take the L on that mate and just get the buffet to be fair.

McDermott, who was also a part of the interview, later chimed in with her support for her beau's decision, saying, "Yep, one hundred percent."

Sam Thompson Admits Zara McDermott Is ‘The One’ for Him

In addition, when the interviewer Bobby Norris touched on their rocky relationship in the past, the Made in Chelsea star addressed the topic, claiming the relationship was now based on a newly built strength.

"We’re great man. I don’t understand how I’ve still got a girlfriend, but I do still have a girlfriend," he said. "I wake up every morning and go, 'it’s got to be a dream' and I was like, 'no it’s not, she’s still there.'"

He then went on to admit that he thought his relationship with McDermott was the one for him. "I think this is it mate!" he added. Immediately after the reality star confessed, the cheeky McDermott walked in and jokingly said, "If you’ll have me!"

The ‘Made in Chelsea’ Star Wishes to Be a Dad

While Thompson and McDermott's romance is making headlines for their improved relationship, the British star opened up about his desire to have a baby with his girlfriend soon. He said that during an interview with MailOnline this month.

He also disclosed that the pair were quite close to having a baby and becoming parents, but later decided to delay it.

"Not in the next year... but not in the too distant future. I don’t want to be a really old dad. But I do need to grow up a little bit first," he added.

Well, Made In Chelsea fans would love to see the beloved couple take a step further and become parents together. Seeing them get married in the future would excite them even more.