In 2014, fans fell hard for Scottish Highlander Jamie Fraser, a character on Outlander,  played by Scot Sam Heughan. However, as much as fans love him, Heughan gets equally trolled by mean people on the internet. 

The actor opened up about the abuse he received over the past six years on social media. In addition, he penned a lengthy message on Twitter to address a long list of rumors circulating about him, including one about him being a “closet-homosexual.”


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Sam Heughan Addresses Gay Rumors

Heughan revealed that online trolls had bullied him for the past six years with fake stories about him being gay, among many others. 

The actor stated that the online trolls accused him of extorting money from fans. These online bullies also claimed that the actor disregarded covid-advice and protocols. 

He noted that his family, friends, and co-stars were also targeted by “personal slurs, shaming, abuse, death threats, stalking, sharing of private information and vile, false narrative.” Heughan had never spoken about bullying before because he believed in humanity and thought it would go away.  

As the bullying had taken a toll on his life and mental state, the actor stated he had enough and would not tolerate it anymore. 

He declined to give out the identity of his trolls but revealed that “they [were] professionals: teachers, psychologists, and adults who should know better.”

The embattled star shared that he faced criticism for self-isolating in Hawaii, where he moved before the travel ban was imposed. However, he explained that he opted not to return home for safety reasons and remained in a safe environment, especially after being ill for an extended period. 

He further revealed the bullies harassed his work colleagues and continuously tried to hack their emails and accounts. Finally, Heughan concluded the post, thanking his fans for their support and love, and asked those who did not like him to unfollow him. 

Sam Heughan’s Co-stars Back Him Up

Since his revelation, the hashtag #WeStandWithSam began trending on social media. His post was met with kind words and supported by fans and co-stars. 

Steven Cree, who played Ian Murray in the drama, shared that Heughan led an exemplary life and was one of the nicest and most positive people he knew. However, he noted that it was unfortunate that a good guy like him had to resort to such measures. 

Executive producer Maril Davis also spoke up, stating that Heughan’s post was a sad reminder that people needed to be respectful and kind to one another. Additionally, Outlander series author Diana Gabaldon defended the actor, stating that what he did in his private life was no one’s business. 

Heughan’s on-screen wife on the series, Caitriona Balfe, also expressed her thoughts on Twitter, telling the haters to find something else to enjoy.