Sally Phillips and her former husband, Andrew Bermejo, got married in 2003 and had three kids. 

But 14 years later, the couple filed for divorce in 2017, and occasionally the Miranda star has opened up about the divorce. 

The Express reported that the actress' marriage broke down after the birth of their oldest son, who has Down syndrome. 

"We'd had a divide that started after Olly in that my husband and I dealt the diagnosis in very different ways and then this division over babies got wide," said the actress. 

She also added that Bermejo hadn't come to terms with her pregnancy.

In another interview, Phillips claimed that her husband left her for a member of the Russian yoga federation.

She appeared on an episode of Romesh: Talking to Comedians and revealed that her husband fell in love with another woman. 

Sally Phillips posing for a picture in March 2021.

Sally Phillips posing for a picture in March 2021. (Source: Instagram)

She even disclosed that she had stalked the woman's Facebook and found a photo of her in an upside-down pose. 

But she quickly ended the topic by stating that she didn't want to talk about the matter. 

Sally Phillips's Miscarriage Affected Relationship with Husband

Phillips has also previously talked about her two devastating miscarriages, which she admitted were partly the reason for the failure of her marriage. 

After the birth of her oldest son Olly, the husband-wife duo tried for a second baby.

And a year later, she got pregnant again, but she miscarried just 14 weeks into her pregnancy.

Phillips gave birth in a hospital toilet onto one of those cardboard trays and hoped the nurse could help her baby.

But when she asked for her child, she was told they had already incinerated her baby. 


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Losing their baby caused a rift in her marriage because her husband didn't take the miscarriage as seriously as she did.

After the miscarriage, the Bridget Jones' star prepared her body for another pregnancy, but it wasn't meant to be. 

She miscarried again, and this time much further along in the pregnancy, which resulted in surgery. 

Phillips recalled waking up and wailing and being on her own in the hospital. 

Sally Phillips on Raising Her Son Olly

Despite the losses, Phillips has three healthy kids. 

The mother often talks about her experience of raising her son with Down syndrome. 


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Contrary to popular beliefs, the actress noted that having a child with Down syndrome did not mean a life filled with suffering.

She acknowledged everybody had a choice of what they wanted to do in their life, but it all boiled down to how they viewed life.

"In some ways, your child could have a better life than you. I mean, my son Ollie has a party every time someone delivers a pizza to the house!" said Phillips.

She shared she enjoyed the stage her kids were at because they could express themselves and exhibit their personalities.

Phillips revealed her middle son Luke is an "incredibly deep thinker." while her youngest son was always pretending to be a puppy. 

As for her older son Olly, she would love for him to be an actor, but he has his ambitions.

He desperately wants to be a firefighter. But the mother admittedly doesn't know "what we're going to have to do to make that a possibility – if it ever could be."