Ruth Buzzi, who retired from her over five decade-long career in show business a while ago, has not had the best start to her time off show business. The comedian suffered multiple strokes, which took a massive toll on her body.

The 85-year-old, however, is still alive and fighting a tough battle to recover from her condition. She has been left incapacitated for the most part but is recovering.

Assisting in her recovery is her husband, Kent Perkins, who was the first person to talk about the comedian's recent health scare.

Ruth Buzzi Left Incapacitated by Multiple Strokes

At almost 4 am on July 19, 2022, a long post appeared on Buzzi's Facebook page. And even though the picture attached was a happy one — Buzzi holding up a cake and posing for the camera — the caption was far from merry.

The post, written by Perkins, was an announcement about Buzzi's health. "This photo was from nearly a year ago on Ruthie's birthday," he first explained the picture, then explained what the post was really about.

Perkins wrote Buzz had suffered "devastating strokes" that had "left her bedridden and incapacitated." However, Buzzi was not out of it — she wanted everyone to know she was "not in pain" and aware of the prayers people were sending her way.

"She can still speak and understand, she still recognizes all her friends and loved ones," wrote Perkins. "She is dealing with this situation bravely, and still with humor, believe it or not."

Buzzi appreciated the love and support everyone gave her over the years and still do.

Then, an optimistic update came from Perkins in the evening of July 19. On his Facebook page this time, he wrote of Buzzi's improvements, although minuscule, and her attitude now.

"Today Ruthie showed some remarkable improvement," he wrote. "She was able to move a leg that had been totally crippled with "stricture" from a stroke for the past few weeks. She ate well, she talked normally and had her same old wonderful, award-winning sense of humor."

Further, she even made a funny video for her brother Eddie. However, she was not out of the woods yet, which Perkins also acknowledged.

Buzzi started suffering from the strokes and their effects a month ago. It had left Perkins and her other family members sleepless and restless.

However, with the slight improvements, everyone could rest easy, including Perkins, who said he would "sleep well tonight for the first time in a month."

Ruth Buzzi’s Retirement and Her Appreciation for All the Support

Buzzi, who began her career in show business in 1964, retired in 2021. After her retirement, she chose to live a quieter, more open life and moved to a 629-acre ranch in Erath County near Stephenville, Texas.

The couple now lives in a 9,800-square-foot home built within the ranch. They keep ducks and dogs, and she still receives fan mail despite retiring to relative obscurity.

Ruth Buzzi, who is still alive, with her husband, Kent Perkins.

Ruth Buzzi with her husband, Kent Perkins, who is now taking care of her after her multiple strokes. (Photo: Facebook)

And she has always appreciated the support. She frequently posts on Twitter and Facebook, thanking everyone for their friendship and encouragement.

A similar tweet appeared on her Twitter on July 18, 2022. "Thank you for your love and friendship for all these years," the tweet read.

Initially, it seemed like it was just a regular gratitude post. However, a day later, the tweet seemed much grimmer.

Buzzi did not retire because she lost her mojo, though. Her social media is still full of jokes and quips created out of her ranch life.