American actor Robert Barton Englund is best known for playing the famous fictional serial killer Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street film series.

The Californian native was born on June 6, 1947, to a non-theatrical family before he went on to study and pursue acting in different parts of America.

An only child, Englund studied acting at UCLA, one of America's best universities for film and media, for three years before dropping out and transferring to Michigan's Oakland University in 1968.

The talented actor trained at the Meadow Brook Theatre and later went on to act and direct in various theatres across the United States. 

On Robert Englund’s Previous Marriages

While still in college, Englund was married to his girlfriend, Elizabeth Gardner, at just 19 years old, before getting divorced in 1972. 

"I wasn't even grown," he said. "I was mostly an out-of-work actor, and she was a registered nurse. Different worlds."

In 1982, the actor met Roxanne Rogers in the city of San Francisco where she was acting in a play he was directing.

Since both of them were in the same field, people often questioned whether they ever held grudges if one landed a better role in a film or got ahead of the other. 

Englund replied that they try to keep their career friction to a minimum by equipping their home with two offices so that Rogers "can go in hers and write", while he "can make calls and do business" from his.

Almost a year after his encounter with his girlfriend, Englund auditioned for the 1984 classic, A Nightmare on Elm Street. He landed his famous role of Freddy Krueger, the psychotic burn victim and child murderer in Wes Craven's movie. 

Although the movie is one of Englund's most notable works, his girlfriend Rogers never saw the Elm flick, which he noted is not an insult, just self-defense.

"If she and I have an argument, I don't think she wants to face seeing a flash of Freddy in my eyes," he said. "Freddy and Robert both have that push-button anger. And all that sexuality, too. Robert's not Mel Gibson, but the sexuality is there."

Who Is Robert Englund’s Spouse?

Two years after his big break, the rising star walked down the aisle with his long-term girlfriend and co-actor in 1986. The two got divorced in 1988, but none of them discussed their relationship in public after their split. 

In the same year 1988, The Mangler actor met Nancy Booth on the set of 976-EVIL. Known for her works in movies like Masters of the Universe (1987), The Kindred (1987), and Late for Dinner (1991), Booth exchanged vows with her co-star on October 1, 1988.

The couple has been together for almost four decades now and mostly keeps their relationship away from the public eye. They do not have any children and are enjoying their private life in California.