Robert Buckley broke the news of his marriage to his wife Jenny Wade over a tweet back in 2018. 

Since then, the couple has been sharing nothing but loving posts on their respective socials.

Buckley and his wife even welcomed a son sometime in 2021. 

An Inconspicuous Announcement

On May 5, 2018, the iZombie star took to Twitter to share a special moment with his followers: the aftermath of a cake fight. 

Well, having a cake fight on any other Saturday morning might have just been shrugged off as a weekend indulgence, but this time it was truly special because this time was quite possibly Buckley's first cake fight as a husband. 

Robert Buckley & Jenny Wade after their first cake fight as husband and wife

Robert Buckley & Jenny Wade after their first cake fight as husband and wife (Source: Twitter)

Yep! In the post, the actor inconspicuously dropped a bomb on his fans. He introduced his wife. 

The photo that came along with the post was also comically innocent. The camera caught the sweethearts posing with childlike innocence. 

The newlywed husband stared off into the distance, index finger resting on his chin.

The wife looked straight into the camera. Her fingers rested on her lips, lips that were still smeared with chocolate from their cake fight, much like her husband. 

Robert Buckley's Loving Birthday Message

Since that day, the doting husband has been maintaining a paradoxically private relationship. He shares pictures of his family on special occasions. 

However, he somehow manages to clean up even the slightest of peeks into his relationship with his wife. The only thing he lets out is how much he adores her and loves her.

Take, for instance, the latest birthday post he made for Wade. 

He shared a picture of her posing with their dog with nothing but a houseplant in the background. 

In the caption, he celebrated her for being his all-time favorite person whilst also being the "coolest, kindest, hottest, funniest, smartest, hottest (repeated for emphasis), most special gal in all the lands." 

He added that the day was a celebration of how much better she made everything around her. 

He ended the note on: "Happy birthday, my love." And, that was it!

Robert Buckley & Wife Welcomed a Baby

Another such instance was when the couple broke the news of their baby's arrival in a Halloween post. 

The post might very well be a tragedy for fans looking to know more about the actor off-screen.

The happy daddy dressed up as a ketchup bottle; the mother was a mustard bottle; of course, their baby had to be a hotdog. 

Ironically, their dog was also in the frame, but that's beside the point. 

The sad part of the post was that although fans got to know that the couple had welcomed a baby into the world, they were kept from knowing anything else about the baby. 

The baby's face, in the post, was hidden behind a red heart sticker. Neither of the parents thought of introducing their kid by name. 

So much so that no one in the public sphere even knows if it's a boy or a girl.