Richard Schiff has been playing one of the most important characters in the popular ABC drama The Good Doctor for five seasons now. The actor brings to life the character of Aaron Glassman.

The character has been a part of many memorable plotlines in the show. However, season 5 showcased the character taking a backseat in the show's proceedings.

This was concerning to the fans as the same thing was done to the characters of the actors who have previously left the show.

Is it now Schiff's turn to walk out the door? Or is it reading too much into the situation?

Is Richard Schiff Leaving 'The Good Doctor?'

When the first episode of season 5 of The Good Doctor aired, it first seemed like everything would be relatively normal, with it being a medical drama. But, right after the first episode, things took a turn for the worse.

The trailer of the second episode showed a shift in tone — a shift in the hospital's ownership and a sign of bad things to come.

In episode two, it was revealed Salen had purchased the hospital and was going to change things around. She was first introduced as a patient who had a lot of questions about the place in the first episode.

She had new ideas for St. Bonaventure and was intending a makeover. This meant new schedules and a stricter workplace environment for the doctors.

Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) and others disapproved of the new management style. But the most critical among them was Glassman.

Richard Schiff, who plays Aaron Glassman on 'The Good Doctor,' is speculated to be leaving the show.

Richard Schiff, who plays Aaron Glassman on 'The Good Doctor,' is speculated to be leaving the show. (Photo: Richard Schiff/Instagram)

He went face to face with Salen, told her she was a "hostile corporate leader," and resigned.

Further, at the show's end, Salen said some hurtful things to Glassman. This was followed by a scene where Glassman was shown leaving with packed bags for an undisclosed destination.

This effectively meant Glassman would take up a more background role in the show or even be completely written out. And this wasn't the first time the character had to take a backseat, either.

In earlier seasons, he had to step down from his role because of his brain tumor and was also fired for dismissing an employee against the hospital's board to save the employee.

However, this time, fans are more worried than ever that the time for Schiff to stay as a part of the cast has ended.

Fans' React to Richard Schiff's Probable Exit

With how the events in season 5 progressed, many fans started speculating that this was Schiff was leaving the show after season 5 of The Good Doctor.

Many even took to social media, especially Twitter, to express their feelings regarding the same.

Most of the tweets from fans are expressions of disbelief and sadness about him leaving.

However, a few of them also wanted him out as soon as possible. They were both the critics of him and The Good Doctor.

Some did not want him to be a part of the show because he was too good for it. Others wanted him out because they felt it was time for the character to move on.

Schiff is there for season 5, but as there have been no announcements as of this writing about a season six, there are some doubts on whether he's still going to be there.