Russian TikToker and model Renata Valliulina, popularly known by her social media moniker Renata Ri has recently taken to her TikTok account, riwww, and posted an apology video in the light of her recent controversy. 

Ri started her explanation by stating that she felt the need to make a video in English to make her matter clearer and avoid any confusion.


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The model read from her notes which were translated into English for her so that she "don't say anything wrong or forget anything."

Renata Ri's Apology

Ri admitted to having seen the viral video "going around" and stressed how she "didn't say the n-word" and shamed the black community as allegations suggest.

During her previous clarification post, Ri called the English translation of her Russian interview to be "wrong."

However, in her recent clip, she used her way around by saying the viral clip alleging her to be a racist was taken "out of context," and "not that the translation itself was wrong."


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Toward the end of the video, Ri said, "sorry for what I say and there is no excuse for it." And clarified that she "was being very sarcastic in this interview and I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings."

In her apology, Ri further said,

I should not have say this and I understand that it was wrong and I am sorry to anyone I hurt. I know how it feels to be hated for my nationality and I would never be racist toward anyone.

She also mentioned being bullied while growing up in Russia and cited homophobia and racism as the main reasons she decided "to get away" to the United States from her native Russia. 

Renata Ri's Other Controversies

Instagram fan accounts have highlighted another controversy from Ri's already controversial Russian interview. In the new clip doing rounds on the internet, Ri can be seen speaking controversially. 


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In the viral video containing English translations, Ri explains an incident to the show's host. The TikTok star referred to someone unknown and said, 

She was like my underwear is way more expensive than yours but that doesn't mean I need to show it off. And she was so fat. And I was like 'If I were you I wouldn't show my body either.'

The host immediately noted Ri's comments with a straight look on her face and said, "That's fat shaming."

Ri is also facing backlash for cultural appropriation after pictures of her wearing ethnic clothes surfaced on the internet.

In one photo, Ri can be seen wearing a modified version of a traditional Chinese dress. Similarly, the photo of her wearing native American headgear created outrage.


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Near the end of her apology video, Ri can be seen talking about her age and the controversy related to cultural appropriation. She started her explanation by stating her age to be 18 and expressed her amusement at "why people think that I am 23."

She further spoke about the Russian education system where she wasn't "educated on cultural appropriation."

Ri additionally said, 

My friends are teasing me about this now because I didn't know what it was. Again I am sorry to anyone I hurt by wearing this, it was not my intention. I know I have made mistakes in my life and I apologize for those.

In the past, the young model was also accused of showcasing her nudes and baiting American internet personality Vinnie Hacker.