Ren Kennedy is an all-rounder. She has been working as an actress, writer, and singer in Hollywood since the early 2010s.

She is best known for movies such as Little Miss Mania and I Am Victor. She is also expected to appear in notable projects like Eternal, Fabulous, and When Autumn Leaves Fall in the coming years.

Despite working in showbiz for over a decade, Kennedy remains unknown amongst many movie buffs and industry insiders.

Scroll through this article to learn everything we know about the talented actress!

Ren Kennedy Started Performing Very Early

According to several online outlets, Kennedy, also named Karen Kennedy, was reportedly born in 1980 in Florida. But since the Filthy Swine cast has not revealed her birth year and birthday herself, her exact age remains unknown.

She started her performing career when she was just 8-year-old. She initially sang in front of her school and received her first round of applause.

She followed up her childhood interest by pursuing nearly every facet of performance, presumably with the support of her parents. But again, her private lifestyle keeps the details of her father and mother under wraps.

Kennedy eventually graduated from the Vancouver Academy of Music with her bachelor of music degree in opera performance. She then sang in opera houses, music theatres, and acted in various stage productions.

Her Acting Debut Came in 2011

Even though Kennedy was acting in stage plays for years, her television/movie debut came in 2011. According to IMDb, she starred in the role of Madeleine in the short film The Robbery that year.

In the following year, she appeared in another short video, Model Behavior. Then, in 2013, she acted in two television movies, Little Miss Mania and I Am Victor, and in the TV documentary Model Killers and the short film Sunrise Aquarius.

In 2019, she appeared in Downy Unstopables' video advertisement, which later became very popular on the internet. In the ad, she promoted in-wash scent booster liquid, which Downy Unstopables claims is an "invigorate laundry with long-lasting freshness."

"I LOVE this commercial!!! It's so strange, it's great! She does it all perfectly!!" one commented on the commercial's YouTube video, praising the actress' performance. 

Another chimed, "@Ren Kennedy I am so amused by this commercial that I'm running out right now to buy unstoppables."

Ren Kennedy's Play 'I Am Not A Girl' Talks about Gender

In 2018, Kennedy appeared in a play titled I Am Not A Girl, where the lead character, played by Kia Vance, questions who she is, including her gender.

Narrating the story during an interview with Vancouver Presents, she said, "The show is about a young person who struggles through the normal journey of any child/teenager, but soon finds that they are deeply unhappy with the way their body looks."

She continued to add,

Realizing that they have been born into a body that does not reflect their truth, with the help of their mother they embrace the arduous journey of the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental transformation that results in finally being at peace with themselves.

Kennedy said she initially loved the story because of the love between mother and a child, but later, when she realized it was a love story of a person loving themselves, she was more in love with it.

Is Ren Kennedy Married?

Kennedy has kept her married status private, due to which the existence of her husband or children is unknown. Over the years, she has not been rumored to have a boyfriend too.

Hence, her personal life details are totally out of reach, and those willing to know the details might have to wait longer.