Piper Rockelle, the fourteen-year-old social media star, has recently confronted a fan about posting things against her mom, Tiffany Rockelle Smith, amidst the ongoing lawsuit.

This comes after eleven former members of the YouTuber’s Piper Squad sued Smith and her boyfriend for verbal and sexual abuse, as well as financial exploitation.

The fan leaked the screenshots of the messages Rockelle sent to her on Instagram. They were exposed by the private Instagram account Gfstearoom on their page.

Piper Rockelle Defends Her Mom on the Lawsuit

As per the leaked response exposed by Gfstearoom, the text messages start with Rockelle demanding the fan to stop supporting her and to “leave her alone.”

She vents her disbelief that her own fan would believe the accusations directed towards her mom.

She also asks the fan to make a fan page for “one of the liars” referring to the eleven former Piper Squad members that filed the lawsuit.

The fan defended her actions saying that she always believes the victim, to which Rockelle replied by saying that she is “their victim” in all of this.

The fan then encourages the TikTok and YouTube star to talk about what she feels about the case. However, Rockelle dismisses her suggestion saying that she doesn't want to talk about lies.

“Anyone can accuse anyone of anything. I’m not speaking about a bunch of people making up lies,” said Rockelle to the fan.

The fan then points out that Rockelle should not be mad about her since she supports her and not her mom.

However, Rockelle takes offense to that remark as well. She describes her mom as “the one person who helped her be where she is today.”

Allegedly, she doesn’t want anything to do with anyone who doesn’t support her mother.

She goes on to accuse the former Piper Squad members of trying to “humiliate her mother” and “to make her quit” after taking “every penny” she has worked for.

She then says that the fan should feel shameful for commenting horrible stuff about her mother. She also expects the fan to apologize to Smith.

The Fan Shows Some Suspicion

After Rockelle’s long rant defending her mother, the fan shows a bit of suspicion as to whether the messages are coming from Rockelle or Smith.

She asks if it's actually Smith on the other side of the screen, using her daughter’s Instagram account to gain some sympathy from her fans.

The suspicion is not well taken by Rockelle, and she goes on to threaten the fan. She tells her that she can go to her lawyer and sue the fan for anything.

“I can make up anything,” reads the message Rockelle sends as a threat to sue the fan. She even says that she will “keep an eye on her” for the next few days.

Apparently, the post, from the fan, Rockelle is mad about, referred to the plaintiffs as “poor kids.”

Piper Rockelle replying to a post supporting her mom on the lawsuit

Rockelle commented on another post from a fan that supported her mother for the lawsuit. “ILY” read the comment to the post which hailed Smith and Rockelle as “mom and daughter goals.”

She also did a TikTok lipsync video of her denying an apology from “an old friend.”

“True story….sorry but I cant with the fake” reads the caption for the video.