Fans of Ted Lasso have a sort of love-hate relationship with the resident bad-boy Jamie Tratt, played by none other than Phil Dunster

And, if you've had the pleasure of watching the Emmy sweetheart of a show, you might have noticed that Dunster has a distinct Manchester accent to him, while he is a bloke out of Northampton. 

What many might not know is that he got the accent from his girlfriend Eleanor Heydon's family. 

During an interview with People, the actor shared how he picked out a Manchester accent to match his character's swagger and bravado.

He picked the Manchester accent for its sound and cultural references.

It turns out Dunster's girlfriend's mother was born and raised in Manchester. 

"So I was worried that their family is going to be disowning me," the actor joked before adding, "They were part of sort of my cultural references. I've put them in the boat with me." 

Phil Dunster Gushes over Girlfriend

While on the subject, Dunster gushed over his girlfriend some more. 

"It should be known that she is truly amazing and the best person I know," Dunster mentioned. "So I'm afraid if there is anybody out there who's vaguely interested for whatever reason, it's... yeah. Alas."

Despite the actor being upfront about his relationship, there are still those who believe that Dunster is gay just because he performed a few sensual scenes for TV.

That being said, Ted Lasso is not the only one of Dunster's projects that his girlfriend has had an influence over.

In fact, Heydon's involvement was a lot more direct for the independent movie Pragma. She was the director. 

A subject of critical acclaim, the movie was screened at the Manchester Film Festival, Crystal Palace International Film Festival, and Beeston Film Festival.

While the girlfriend was out promoting her movie over on Instagram, she put up a photo of herself, Lucy Heath, and her boyfriend.

Lucy Heath, Phil Dunster, and his girlfriend Elenor Heydon at the screening for 'Pragma'

Lucy Heath, Phil Dunster, and Eleanor Heydon at the screening for 'Pragma.' (Source: Instagram)

Over in the caption, Heydon thanked all those involved in the movie's making.

But, of course, a special thank you was reserved for her boyfriend.

About Eleanor Heydon

As per Curtis Brown, Heydon is a director and creator with experience working in theatre and dramaturgy. She had made a name for herself by creating female-led stories, particularly in the comedy genre.

Having worked at The King's Head Theatre, The Pleasance, Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, and The Cambridge Theatre, Heydon also has quite a lot of experience with onstage production. 

She moved to creating movies in 2016 with the comedy web series DIGS

Some of her other projects include Fred Forever, a dark comedy about somewhere between laughter and grief, and PELICANS, starring Edward Bluemel.