Peter Capaldi and his wife Elaine Collins, who have been married since 1991, are a power couple.

Over the years, the two have been there for one another, especially Collins, whose support has helped the Scottish actor grow his career and stay grounded.

The British Academy Television Award-winning artist even admitted the fact during his interview with The Sydney Morning Herald in August 2014.

"I think all actors experience ups and downs," he said before adding, "She looks after me and keeps my feet on the ground. I don't always want my feet on the ground but she keeps them there [laughs]."

Peter Capaldi about His Wife Contributing to His Success

During the conversation, Capaldi further recalled times when he was unemployed and had periods when things weren't going well in his life.

Peter Capaldi with his wife Elaine Collins.

Peter Capaldi with his wife Elaine Collins. (Photo: Twitter)

Therefore, the Doctor Who actor always felt it was important to stay grounded and keep going towards his dreams. And he found the backing to do those things from his longtime spouse.

"I think it's important to try and have perspective, you know, about how lucky we are. Elaine certainly helps me with my perspective," the actor added.

The actor also gave out a few instances when he was not doing well, and his wife took care of the situation.

One of those times was circa 2005, when he spent a year without work, making him consider quitting acting and selling the family home.

At that time, his wife, a television producer and former actress, kept the family intact by contributing financially with her earnings.

Since he was still around the industry, he later started getting a spree of acting jobs — thanks to his wife. Afterward, he has never looked back.

In the past, he similarly credited [via Daily Record UK] Collins for his success by stating that he would not have the career he has had if it was not for his spouse's support. 

Peter Capaldi and Elaine Collins' Relationship Timeline

Capaldi and Collins' romance goes way back to their theatre days. The two initially met during a touring production for the Paines Plough Theatre Company in 1983.

They subsequently worked together on many acting projects, including the hit film Soft Top, Hard Shoulder. And all that helped them grow their relationship even stronger.

Putting her thoughts out regarding working together, Collins once shared that the couple loved doing it, but she also believed it was important to have separate careers.

Around 1986, the actor popped the question to his producer wife; however, she took her time and eventually agreed to walk down the aisle five years later.

The couple reportedly had a lavish ceremony at Country Club Hotel in Strathblane, Stirlingshire. The likes of Lovejoy star Phyllis Logan and Elaine C. Smith marked their presence on the big day.

Capaldi and Collins later welcomed their only child together, daughter Cecily.

At present, the family is reported to be living in Muswell Hill, London. And while Capaldi continues to work in the industry, Collins and their daughter stay away from the spotlight.