Kim’s Convenience star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee has been together with his wife Anna for over two decades.

Both Lee and Anna have spoken about their relationship and shared the secret to their successful marriage.

When speaking to Streets of Toronto in 2017, the actor and his wife recounted how they met and got together.

Anna revealed they met for the first time through a mutual friend/couple.

“Paul was out at a bar with a friend who was being a downer. I was out with friends from college. Paul called the mutual friends to see what they were doing for the evening,” she recalled.

“Meanwhile, I almost didn’t join them at the bar but ended up going anyway… We met, made each other laugh, exchanged numbers, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee with wife Anna

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee with wife Anna (Source: Instagram)

Park Sun-Hyung Lee and Wife’s First Date

Lee and his spouse also opened up about their first official date. Anna shared that the date had taken them all over the city of Toronto.

They first went to a restaurant called the Hot Tomato for dinner, then to a bar called the Living Well. The pair then went to a martini and cigar lounge called Havana Blues.

“There was a lot of walking, talking and laughing,” she said while adding that Lee had brought the new Tom Waits CD when they stopped at a record store.

Speaking about how they grew closer, Anna revealed Lee introduced her to wide-screen movies, games like Golden Eye, and sci-fi. “There were lots of fun times watching movies and playing games on my tiny TV in my Kensington Market basement apartment.”

Marriage and Family

Lee and his wife got engaged on December 31, 1999, just hours before the year 2000 was about to hit.

The actor admitted that the proposal wasn’t as romantic as he had planned because Anna was “sick as a dog.”

A year and a half after their proposal, Lee and Anna tied the knot in Toronto on August 25, 2001. They had their honeymoon in Orlando, Florida.

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee with family

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee with family (Source: Instagram)

The couple has since welcomed two sons together —  Noah and Miles.

When talking about his family with CBC, Lee revealed his older son Noah resembled him a lot.

“My eldest Noah is into all things nerdy like Star Wars, which is awesome,” he said. “He’s like a miniature version of me and I think that’s why we butt heads a lot, because we’re so similar.”

As for his younger son, Lee said Miles was so “not [him]” because he was very physical and athletic. He also added that Miles had his own geeky passions, like creating stop motion and drawing.

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee with son Miles

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee with son Miles (Source: Instagram)

And though Lee says Miles differs from him, it hasn’t stopped the two from sharing the things they love with each other.

The Kim’s Convenience star recently took to Instagram to share pictures of him and his youngest son enjoying themselves while going through the Toys“R”Us Canada catalog.