Paul Reiser, a renowned comedian, actor, and television writer, is married to his longtime wife, Paula Ravets.

He and his partner tied the knot over three decades ago, on August 21, 1988.

From their marriage, the two are also blessed with two children: Ezra Samuel Reiser, born in 1995, and Leon Reiser, born in 2000.

Paul Reiser's Wife Helped Him with Casting

Reiser and Ravets have such a comfortable relationship that the TV writer created the NBC sitcom Mad About You loosely based on his marriage with his real-life partner.

Paul Reiser and his wife Paula Ravets at the premiere of The Spy Who Dumped Me in 2018.

Paul Reiser and his wife Paula Ravets at the premiere of The Spy Who Dumped Me in 2018. (Photo: YouTube)

And while he wrote the story for the show, his beloved partner helped him with the show's casting. In addition, it would only make sense that she had the chance to choose who would play her husband's television wife.

It turns out she played an instrumental role in finding the female lead Helen Hunt, who eventually played the role of Jamie Buchman.

Speaking on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Reiser recalled his first impression of his television partner, saying, "My wife and Helen had a mutual friend, and they had a dinner party, and this was just when I was writing the first episode."

"I had no actress in mind. And I met Helen, and she was just funny and smart and just kooky enough and off-balance enough and smart," he added, sharing he later cast her with the approval of his real-life spouse.

During the conversation, he also admitted that he wouldn't have cast her or someone else for that matter if his wife had not approved them.

Balancing Family Life with Wife and Public Life

In July 2011, Reiser sat down with AARP and talked about parenthood, marriage, and balancing his family life with his spouse and public life.

He first shared that he and his missis were usually on the same page when it came to parenting their two children.

"We tell the boys they cannot drive a wedge between us, they can't play us one off the other, but they both do," the actor exclaimed.

The actor later added that he had an interesting life because he was a very private person, yet he wrote shows based on his personal life.

But at the same time, he ensured his spouse and kids read his scripts before he went forward with his draft so that he could balance his family life and public life.

Paul Reiser and Spouse Are Happy with Two Children

During the latter interview, when he was asked if he and his partner ever considered having more than two kids, he said they were happy with just two.

He explained that even though the couple loved babies, they also knew it needed special efforts to raise them.

"When you go to a party with an infant, there is always some mother of a teenager who is so thrilled to hold your baby for you," Reiser shared.

He jokingly added that he gave his kids to those people who loved holding babies so that he could enjoy the party and eat "potato salad" in peace.

All that said, Reiser and his partner make a beautiful family together with their two sons.