Paris Jackson has never shied away from talking about her sexuality and queerness. 

She knew from an early age that she was queer and gay. 

When news outlets reported on her sexuality, she took to Instagram to express her confusion about why it was trending. 

Paris Jackson Said Her Sexuality Was Nothing New

According to ABC News, the singer noted that her sexuality should not be interesting or novel because she thought people already knew she was fluid. 

In her Instagram stories, she had done an “Ask Me Anything” segment, and a fan asked her if she was bisexual, to which Jackson shared that she did not believe in labels.

She clarified that she identified with the larger LGBTQ community, not just with bisexuality. 

The Habit actress said she did not want anyone to label her and “just [loved] people for people.”

“I came out when I was 14. I’ve referred to the community as ‘my fellow LGBTQ+’ on stage before. There are pictures of me kissing girls online. Why are people just now saying this is news?” said Jackson. 

The pictures she was talking about were snapped in 2018 when she was photographed kissing model Cara Delevingne outside a restaurant. 

She iterated that she had talked about having a crush on a girl as an eight-year-old in her Rolling Stone interview.  

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson modeling for Bulgari (Source: Paris Jackson/Instagram)

In the Rolling Stone feature, the singer revealed she was eight when she fell in love with a female on the cover of a magazine and her father, the legendary Michael Jackson. 

And fortunately for her, her father was very open-minded, and instead of reprimanding her, he made fun of her, saying she had found a girlfriend. 

Paris Jackson on Still Figuring Out

But despite being very outspoken about her beliefs and sexuality, Jackson iterated that she was still “figuring it out.”

The ‘Let Down’ singer appeared on Red Table Talk and sat down with host Willow Smith to talk about their lives and careers while growing up in the spotlight. 

They also opened up about their sexualities and shared their experience of coming out and how their family reacted to it. 

Jackson shared that she was still figuring it out because her family was very religious, and homosexuality was taboo in their homes. 

Most of the Jackson family are Jehovah’s Witnesses; therefore, homosexuality is not accepted, and they do not talk about it. 

She added that her brothers Omer Bhatti, Prince, and Prince Michaell (II) supported her after she came out. 

And despite the lack of support and understanding from her family, she still had love and respect for her family and their beliefs, culture, and religion. 

But if she were asked to cast aside her beliefs just so she could be accepted, she would not care what people thought of her. 

Jackson touched on how lonely she sometimes felt because of how different her views on sexuality were. 

“But there were moments where it was really hard. You feel alone. You feel excluded,” Jackson added.