In March 2021, Nicola Coughlan was slammed for her weight by podcast host Amanda Richards after sharing a series of images on her Instagram during the virtual Golden Globe Awards.

“#GoldenGlobes from home, but make it a [sparking] moment,” the Bridgerton actress wrote in the caption of her post.

Coughlan, who donned a yellow dress with a black cardigan designed by Molly Goddard, was showered with great reviews from her fans.

However, her outfit did not sit well with Richards, who took to her Twitter to attack the actress' weight calling Coughlan “a fat girl.”

Nicola Coughlan Responded to Comments Related to Her Weight

“The fat girl from Bridgerton is wearing a black cardigan at the Golden Globes,” the Big Calf podcast host wrote in the opening sentence of her post.

Richards claimed no matter how “hot and stylish” a female is, she will always opt for a black cardigan if she is fat.

Nicola Coughlan was once called out for her weight during Golden Globes.

Nicola Coughlan wearing a yellow gown during the 2021's virtual Golden Globes Award. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Coughlan hit back at the comments aimed at her weight, saying she looked great in the fabric inspired by Goddard’s runway dresses.

“Also, I have a name,” she wrote in her concluding sentence.

The Irish actress further shared an old article titled “Critics, judge me for my work in Derry Girls and on the stage, not on my body,” she wrote for The Guardian on June 29, 2018, saying, “Can we judge actors for their work and not their bodies?”

Originally, Coughlan penned the article following a reviewer's comments about her body and weight after starring in a play.

Nicola Coughlan Is Known for Her Outfit Promotion

The actress who has remained a strong advocate against body shaming has appeared promoting different brands on her official social media platforms.

In July 2021, Coughlan modeled a pink dress with puffy cap sleeves from fashion brand Mui Mui.

To pair the outfit, she put a red bow in her hair along with a pair of red pumps.

Coughlan’s fans were quick to flood her comment section with compliments moments after the photo was made available on her Instagram.

“She is a doll,” wrote one fan, while another called her “gorgeous,” requesting to continue being a role model for young girls.

At the same time, one user said they loved her shoes, calling her “so beautiful.” A different user remarked her “cutest little angel.”

While not busy with her photoshoots, Coughlan is known for donning sophisticated outfits at public events.

Her appearance at the 2021 Wimbledon in a patterned blue and yellow dress by Stella McCartney commanded a lot of compliments from her fans and well-wishers.

The Galway native attended the event as a guest of mineral water brand Evian, which motivated its VIP guests to follow a dress code-themed “Smart+Eco-Conscious.”

Their guests were requested to attend the ceremony wearing clothes made from recycled or sustainable materials.

Coughlan’s outfit was made by sustainable viscose, which she wore along with matching soft blue eye makeup, a flared hemline, and a wide collar.

Makeup-wise, the Derry star opted for a natural look using cosmetic products by Glossier.