Nick Kroll was born the youngest kid to his parents — dad Jules Kroll and mom Lynn Kroll.

Growing up, he admittedly knew he was funny and subsequently pursued comedy as a profession. 

His passion for comedy grew as he earned acclamation for his jokes in his college days.

And his talents got him to join an improv group. In consequence, comedy became an integral part of his college career. 

Nick passionately moved on and landed television gigs as a comic actor.

He portrayed Ruxin in FX's The League and provided the voice of Stu on HBO's animated hit, The Life and Times of Tim. 


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Slowly yet eventually, Nick earned recognition, creating famous series, including Kroll Show, The Oh, and Hello Show, for Comedy Central.

He even starred and co-created Netflix's hit The Big Mouth

Undoubtedly, Nick has proven to be a stellar comedian.

But while he has made it big in the entertainment industry, he is the only one in his immediate family to pursue a career in Hollywood. 

His parents, especially his dad, and his brother, are all about the family business of corporate investigations.

Who Is Nick Kroll's Dad?

Nick Kroll's dad, Jules Kroll, is a businessman of Jewish heritage. He was born on May 18, 1941, in Bayside, Queens, New York.

Born into a family of businesspeople, he learned the business from his parents.

His father, Herman Kroll, operated a printing business.

Nick Kroll and his dad Jules Kroll.

Nick Kroll and his dad Jules Kroll. (Photo: Nick Kroll's Twitter)

Jules first attended Cornell University and then got into Georgetown University Law Center. He did not start as a businessman, though.

He worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan in his initial days. But, when his father Herman had a health scare, he took a break from practicing law.

He was then the head of his family business, Kroll Associates, in 1972, which was later renamed Kroll Inc.

His company's task? Rooting out corruption from printing companies and keeping a bit of their profit.

After 1977, business blossomed, and Jules expanded to various foreign cities.

He also started getting high-profile cases and clients. However, he sold his company to Marsh & McLennan for $1.9 billion in 2004.

Right after that, he tried to repurchase it but failed. 

Nick Kroll's Brother Also Followed Their Dad's Path

In 2009, Nick's father launched a new company named K2 Global Consulting with his other son, Jeremy.

They renamed it K2 Intelligence in 2012. 

Jeremy got his education from the NYU Stern School of Business and HEC Paris. 

He also attended Georgetown University, getting a B.Sc degree with Italian Language and Literature and Fine Arts Concentration as majors and French Language as a minor. 

According to Jeremy's bio on K2 Integrity's official website, he is the president, co-CEO, and co-founder of K2 Integrity. 

He handles the firm's growth strategy, partnerships, and acquisitions. 

Before K2, Jeremy had gathered plenty of experience in senior positions at Kroll Inc. for 11 years.

Other than these, he has also worked with companies such as BlueVoyant and Lytical ventures LLC.