Nick Bosa recently found himself in the middle of a controversy because of his girlfriend, Jenna Alexa Berman.

Soon after they started dating, her tweets of racist and homophobic nature resurfaced.

However, could his career in the NFL be affected because of his girlfriend's tweets?

Nick Bosa’s Girlfriend Sent Out Racist Tweets

Bosa and Berman made their relationship official in March 2021. A few months after this, people found a lot of offensive tweets from as far back as 2012.

She used racist and homophobic slurs in the tweets.

In her tweets that were racist, she used the n-word multiple times in various contexts.

Nick Bosa's girlfriend's deleted offensive racist tweet
Nick Bosa's girlfriend, Jenna Alexa Berman's, deleted offensive racist tweet. (Source: Twitter)

Many of her other similar tweets used the frowned-upon word in the context of relationships and even herself.

There were instances where she called herself the n-word because she claimed to be half African-American.

One of her tweets from February 23, 2014 read, "My DNA says I have African American in me..." then claimed she "knew" she was half black.

Berman also made many homophobic remarks in her past tweets, making use of the word f****t.

She called people that both derogatorily and playfully, asking people to "Follow this little f*g" in one of them. Further, she also called One Direction a "buncha f*gs" in 2012.

Other than these, she is also vocal in politics. Bosa's girlfriend is reportedly a Trump supporter and had peddled anti-vax narratives on her Twitter.

She also had strong words against the NFL and CDC's mask regulations and recommendations. Additionally, she also thought there was a conspiracy against former President Trump regarding vaccine announcements.

Who Is Nick Bosa’s Girlfriend?

Bosa's girlfriend Berman is an Instagram model and influencer. She has a big following on Instagram — 270 thousand.

Similarly, she is also a big presence on TikTok with 1.1 million followers. Her videos have 8.5 million likes as of this writing.

Other than being a model, she is also a medical student. She is studying Physical Assistance at Florida International University.

Beran also runs a cookie business with her sister, Jordan Berman. Her sister, too, seems to be a Trump supporter from her tweets, and has tweeted racist things in the past.

Berman had expressed her desire to marry a professional footballer in 2013. Her wishes have come half true after starting a relationship with Bosa.

Nick Bosa with his girlfriend Jenna Berman in May 2021.

Nick Bosa with his girlfriend Jenna Berman in May 2021. (Photo: Jenna Berman/Instagram)

The 49ers star and the PA student made their relationship official on March 21, 2021, posting a picture of them enjoying the sun in Miami, Florida.

Even though there is no sign about Bosa's career getting affected through his girlfriend's actions, his own behavior got him in trouble recently.

In January 2022, Bosa was in hot water for peeing on school property. He was accused of indecent exposure and people even called for his arrest and justice.