Monica Calhoun is best known for her roles in the films The Players Club, The Best Man, and its sequel, The Best Man Holiday.

Many people know her from the various roles she takes on in movies and series. 

But despite all the fame and success in Hollywood, the actress has kept her personal life under wraps. 

No one knows if she is seeing anyone; however, she has a son she often shares about on her socials. 

The actress has a son with special needs.

She had not shared her son’s condition, but all that changed in November 2013 when she appeared at the premiere of The Best Man Holiday.

Calhoun brought him along as her date at the event. 

Since then, she often offers her fans glimpses of the adventures she has with her differently-abled child. 

One of their adventures together involved Calhoun teaching him how to swim. 

Her fans appreciate the heartwarming moments she shares on social media and commends the mother for raising the boy all on her own. 

Monica Calhoun on Raising Her Son

On June 11, 2020, Calhoun’s son turned 20, and to mark the special occasion, she took to Instagram with a special tribute for him. 

Monica Calhoun and her son

Monica Calhoun and her son (Source: Monica Calhoun/Instagram)

She uploaded a selfie of them together in a car as they headed out while wearing matching black face masks.

In the message, she called him her “angel” and added, “mommie loves you to infinity and beyond.”

Despite her love for her child, the mother acknowledged that she feared for him.

During an interview with, the actress opened up about her fears while discussing the #blacklivesmatter movement.

While discussing the infamous Elijah McCain case, Calhoun shared that she was afraid of what would happen to her kid if she was ever separated from him by the police. 

“But, my new fear is that he is 20-year-old. If somebody feels some kind of way—[If] I’m not dressed in my finest clothes and I don’t have on makeup and I’m looking like I just rolled out of bed — they question me because of the color of my skin,” said the actress.

She continued saying that it would be complicated if the police stopped her for doing something or didn’t take her word for anything and separated her and her son.

Monica Calhoun’s Brother

The actress also has a brother who is blind. 

Speaking to iloveoldschoolmusic, she shared that her perception of the world and things were different and that her compassion and sensitivity were heightened because of her brother’s blindness.

She said that spending time with him and teaching him things she learned also taught her many things. 

“Me spending time with him at his ‘The Braille Institute’...just different little things. So I had time to experience life on a different level.”

Calhoun iterated that working with people who have some impairment taught her to be patient. 

It isn’t confirmed if the actress’s son and brother’s blindness is hereditary, but while she was helping her brother, it was helping her prepare to raise her child.