Michelle Yeoh, known for her roles in Crazy Rich Asians and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, has been through her fair share of relationships and splits over the years.

However, she found stability in Jean Todt, her partner, to whom she has been engaged to for over a decade.

But, has she made him her husband yet? Or are they still waiting for the right time?

Michelle Yeoh Was All Set to Make Jean Todt Her Husband

Michelle Yeoh first met Jean Todt on June 1, 2004 in Shanghai. Both of them were single at the time and connected instantly.

Todt was working for Ferrari at the time, and both of them happened to be at the same vehicle event on the day.

He immediately took a liking to her and slipped her a pen to write down her number.

In 2005, they got engaged, and in 2009, the couple moved to Geneva and settled there in a nice mansion.

Both of them were very busy with their careers at the time. And they still are.

Even so, they had apparently thought about a wedding.

In 2015, while talking to Her World, Yeoh revealed her thoughts about making Todt her husband. But certain things got in the way.

One of those was her grief. Yeoh had just lost her father, Datuk Yeoh Kian Teik, at the time. He was 89.

This loss made her cancel her wedding indefinitely.

Besides this, they had their respective careers to take care of.

“Jean and I are very busy,” said Yeoh. She wanted a quiet wedding, but admitted they hadn’t had the opportunity to plan anything concrete.

And that still remains the case. They are together but not married — at least not that anyone knows about.

Michelle Yeoh in a Stable Partnership after past Divorce and Relationships

Before meeting Todt, Yeoh was in a couple of relationships. Her first was with ex-husband Dickson Poon.

The actress married Poon in 1988. The relationship made her retire from show business and think about children and family.

Yeoh left show business for a while to focus on being “a wife and a possible mother.”

But their marriage only lasted for four years. She divorced her former husband in 1992.

Six years later, the Crazy Rich Asians actress entered her second engagement, this time with American Cardiologist Alan Heldman, after meeting him in 1996.

She thought about the big day with him as well. But that couldn’t materialize and they went their separate ways sometime before she met Todt.

As for her current relationship, Yeoh has said that her fiancé is different from her first husband, and that the marriage would be different, too.

“Jean is very encouraging about me having an acting career,” Yeoh told Her World. 

And what about having children?

“We’re not going to start a family too, so that makes it easier to juggle work and family life.” the actress added.

Further, she also quipped that there wasn’t any need to retire now as they respected each other’s careers.