Breaking into the entertainment business is challenging. Some actors rely on their famous parents, while others choose to forge their own paths. One such actor is Michael Rainey Jr. He was born to parents who are not in the entertainment industry. 

The actor catapulted to fame for his portrayal of Tariq St. Patrick in the Power universe. In the first season, he played the son of a drug kingpin, James "Ghost" St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick), and was just a young boy in the background. 

However, as the series progressed and Tariq grew older, he became a central character in the Power narrative. Rainey eventually became the lead in Power's sequel, Power Book II: Ghost. In Power Book II, Tariq dealt with the aftermath of his father's death and his mother's imprisonment. 

In his interview with Vibe, the actor alluded to the fact that he did not have an easy relationship with his father, like his character on the show. 

Michael Rainey Jr. and His parents

Rainey was born to his parents, Michael Rainey Sr. and Shauna Small. 

There is not much information about his father, and he rarely talks about him, probably because of their strained relationship, which he shared with Vibe. 

Ghost and Tariq’s relationship is kind of similar to me and my father’s relationship. So that’s a reason I relate to those scenes with Ghost and Tariq where they’re really going at each other because that’s something real in my life. 

But while Ghost and Tariq's relationship ends up bloody, he opined that he did not believe in such scenarios and iterated that with proper communication, issues could be fixed, and relationships could turn healthy. 

As for his mother, she is a health coach and owner of Relax Be Healthy, an organic skincare brand, according to his Twitter post. During his candid interview with OnStage TV, he also shared that he was part Jamaican because of his mother's roots. 

His mother was born in Jamaica but immigrated to the United States when she was 12. He shared that he visited the island often as his mother's family still owned a home there. 

Michael Rainey Jr. As Youth Ambassador in Jamaica

As part Jamaican, Rainey also had the support of Jamaica's Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett. 

Bartlett presented a beautiful painting of Jamaica's national bird to Rainey and said that Rainey was the ideal candidate to become the official youth ambassador for the country.

Rainey spent the day with the minister and explored the possibility of using his talent, vision and wisdom to inspire and help the youth of Jamaica. 

The actor also delivered a message of hope and inspiration, stating he wanted to ensure the youth knew anything was possible if they worked hard and stayed positive. 

Rainey wished to use his platform to encourage the youth to believe in their dreams and work for them.