Michael Beach's wife, Elisha Wilson Beach, once took the internet by storm when a picture of her breastfeeding her toddler went viral

However, she was also subjected to a fair share of internet scrutiny for the same picture. 

The picture of Elisha breastfeeding her toddler while sitting on the toilet with her trousers around her ankles was originally posted on her Instagram, but it truly went viral when a Facebook page ran it on their page. 

Elisha Wilson Beach Bashed for Breastfeeding Photo

The picture of the multi-tasking mother breastfeeding their toddler whilst on the crapper sparked outrage from fans on the grounds of being unhygienic. 

The unapologetic photo came with the most fitting caption. 

"This is motherhood and it ain't always pretty," she quipped before asking, "What's your #momtruth?" 

The caption was followed by numerous other hashtags: #motherhood, #motherhoodaintpretty, #tmi, #confessionsofamom, #ididthat, and #iamnotsorry. 

When the photo made its way onto Facebook, a user, Amanda Martin, stressed how she would never breastfeed her child in the bathroom. 

"It's unsanitary regardless," she posed. "Stick your kid in the crib until you're done, or pump it and give it to them."

Another user disagreed with everyone who previously claimed that the picture was beautiful. In fact, they found it quite distasteful. 

"Would you allow your partner to take a picture of you while doing the toilet? And then post it for all to see?" they questioned. 

Elisha Wilson Beach's Line of Reasoning

Some netizens began speculating if the picture framed Elisha wasn't really breastfeeding. Instead, it was her elbow in the shot. 

The confident mother of two cleared up the confusion by saying: "This is my picture, and yes, I am breastfeeding." (via Dailymail)

She later defended her decision to upload the picture, with full knowledge that it might offend netizens, by confessing that it was a part of the reality of motherhood. 

Elisha then explained how the outrage was dichotomous. 

On one hand, people were seen calling out other people for pretending to live picture-perfect lives on social media. 

At the same time, they criticized people for living their truth. 

She also showed her support to mothers who were doubting themselves based on the staged social media posts. 

The doting wife and mother went on to add: "Well, this is reality and so many mothers are doing this exact thing right now. Motherhood ain't pretty but then that's what makes it so beautiful."

Michael Beach Was Married to First Wife for 15 Years

Michael found Elisha to be his second wife after he came out of his last marriage, which had lasted 15 years.

In an Instagram post from July 19, 2018, the actor explained how he was done with the institution of marriage and did not want to have any more kids. He already had four with his first wife.

Michael Beach celebrating his wife Elisha Beach

Michael Beach celebrating his spouse Elisha Beach (Source: Instagram)

Although he was upfront about the reservations he had, he confessed that Elisha changed that.

Over the length of the caption, he explained how much he loved and cherished his wife for her love and the positive force she'd brought into his life.