Michael Ball and his partner, Cathy McGowan, have remained in a relationship for three decades.

The singer first met his love interest during an interview conducted by McGowan while he was working in the 1989 musical Aspects of Love.

The pair decided not to get married as husband and wife due to personal reasons; something Ball had always refrained from discussing in his interviews.

And despite being in a long relationship, he does not share any children with McGowan.

However, as far as family goes, he is father to her daughter, Emma Bennett, from her previous relationship and grandfather to his girlfriend's grandchildren, Connor and Grace.

Michael Ball Addressed His Age Gap with Partner

While the Brits are understood to share a strong bond, their twenty-year age gap, which often comes across during conversations, irritates Ball.

During his 2019 interview with Express, Ball blasted the topic of their age difference, calling it an irrelevant subject.

"I just love her. She's a unique, [and] wonderful person," he told the publication.

Michael Ball and his partner Cathy McGowan.

Michael Ball shares a photo with his partner Cathy McGowan. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Singer Ball further shared how she'd taught him "so much" throughout the years, making him laugh "like a drain," and in return, he confessed he'd done likewise.

He shared feeling irritated every time their age gap was discussed. "People sometimes ask about the age difference. It's irrelevant," said the British singer.

Ball continued saying how no one would mention if he were the older one. "Why does it make any difference?" He questioned irritably.

During a separate interview, the Phantom of Opera actor confessed he couldn't imagine his life without his partner.

Per Ball, McGowan, who's nearly eighty-year-old, acts as his consultant giving him career tips while looking after him.

"She had her career and is more than happy that the focus is on me now," Ball shared during his interview.

He called her "the best" at giving him professional advice and strength.

Ball clarified that he was too old to be a boytoy, and age had never been an issue for them throughout their relationship.

During his concluding remarks, he wished he looked as young as McGowan, whose looks were amazing despite her old age.

Michael Ball's Partner Helped Him Overcome Depression

Before he met with McGowan, Ball admittedly was battling depression. He had once even been the subject of gay rumors.

 But fortunately for him, she turned out to be a lifesaver, helping him overcome his illness.

"I was in a bad place when we first met. I was depressed, destructive, and unfocused, and she made my life better," Ball revealed in his confession.

The 'Love Changes Everything' singer started suffering from depression in 1986 while engaged in the musical Les Miserables.

But, skipping to seek medical help meant he noticed a drop in his self-confidence, which ultimately affected his work, forcing him to quit the show before the maturity of his contract.

"I can't properly explain it, but I don't mind admitting I suffered a breakdown," Ball said in his recollection.

With the introduction of McGowan in his life, the entertainer claimed his life was back on track, and they have since remained happily together.