Melora Hardin is a Hollywood actress who has had success with her portrayal of Jan Levinson on NBC's The Office, Trudy Monk on USA Network's Monk, and Tammy Cashman on Amazon Prime Video's Transparent.

The 54-year-old actress has also been a happily married woman for over two decades. Her husband is actor Gildart Jackson and together, they have two children, both daughters, Rory and Piper.

That shows Hardin has managed to balance her work and family life very efficiently over the years. The credit also goes to her husband, who has backed her career and, if needed, acted as a stay-at-home father to their kids.

Here's a rundown on Hardin's two-decade-long relationship with her supportive husband, starting from how they met.

Melora Hardin and Gildart Jackson Met at a Wrap Party

Speaking with People magazine in 2008, after wrapping up the fourth season of The Office, Hardin recalled how she met her now-husband years ago in one of the wrap parties of a movie in the '90s.

"That was kind of an office romance because sets are my office," the actress said of meeting Jackson, implying why so many TV shows like The Office had characters that work together date each other.

She continued to explain why she instantly connected to her husband when she first met him while discussing a survey Oscar Meyer Deli Creations conducted, which revealed that many single Americans spend most of their time at work and have very little time for personal time.

Because of that, she added, "...67 percent of them gravitate towards having an office relationship. So a majority of them have had an office relationship at some time in their career."

The Couple Got Married in June 1997

To be precise, the longtime couple walked down the aisle on June 5, 1997.

The two conducted their married life very smoothly afterward and eventually welcomed their first child, daughter Rory Jackson, in September 2001. About four years later, they gave birth to their second daughter, Piper Quincey Jackson.

Melora Hardin Wears the Acting Pants in Her Family

In 2009, Jackson contributed a piece for HuffPost where he talked about his family life with his wife and children. He said that he was a working parent while admitting his wife, Hardin, worked more than him.

He even admired that she wore the acting pants in their family because it was a great thing from the family perspective. "I get to spend a lot of time with the kids. And, actually, so does Melora even when she’s working; she has a trailer and regularly brings the kids to the set," he added.

Gildart Jackson Is a Man of Many Talents

In addition to being a supportive husband and a caring father, Jackson is a Beverly Hills Entertainment Lawyer who later turned into an actor. As an actor, he has starred in television shows like CharmedProvidence, and General Hospital.

The now Los Angeles-based artist also serves as a narrator for audiobooks. His audiobook voice credits are An Accidental Death, Tai-Pan, Renaissance, and The Wealth of Nations.