Michael Berrin, best known as MC Serch, is an American rapper, music executive, and producer. He also was a former member of Non Phixion and 3rd Bass. 

While Serch has created an empire and a name for himself in the music industry, he owes it to his wife, Chantel Berrin. 

MC Serch and His Wife

Serch and Berrin have been together since 1988. They got married after four years of dating in 1992. 

The love between the couple was so strong that Berrin converted to Judaism to marry the rapper. In an interview in 1993, Berrin revealed that nobody forced her to convert to another religion, but she did it because she wanted to. 

According to Serch's website, he grew up in an orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Queens, New York. Therefore, it is not a surprise that his family is traditional when it comes to religion as well. 

Berrin's decision to convert was fueled by the fact that the pair could not have a religious wedding since he was Jewish and she was not. Regardless, Serch married her. 

It's actually quite funny. As contemporary as my family is — being active in hip-hop and in an interracial marriage — we happen to be very traditional when it comes to Judaism.

Marriage is sacred and "is a big deal" in Judaism, so to have a religious wedding and respect her husband's religion, Berrin converted. 

Despite being together for 33 years, love is not lost between the couple. Serch often uploads pictures of the two, appreciating his wife.

In one Instagram post he uploaded on the occasion of her birthday on December 28, 2013, he said he owed everything to his wife.

Then, via a heartfelt caption, the rapper confessed he would be a far less human Berrin wasn't there for the rapper. 


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He further said his wife gave him a compass and unconditional love even when he did not deserve it. He credited her for caring for her and giving their three children stability when he did not care for himself and was out. 

He dubbed her a "superstar" and a "bigger star" than he could ever be. He wished nothing but the best for his wife and hoped to "love and honor" her for the rest of his life. 

He ended the caption on a heartwarming note, thanking her for standing up for him, forgiving him, and staying with him. So it is safe to say that the pair will be together and tight for the upcoming years. 


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MC Serch and His Kids 

The rapper has three children with Berrin. But, unfortunately, there is little information about them since the couple does not reveal too much about their personal life. 

According to Berrin's private Instagram's profile picture, it appears as if the pair has two daughters and a son. One of their daughters, Mia, is following in her father's footsteps into the music industry. 

She is the singer of a rock band in New York called Pom Pom Squad.