The Young and The Restless star Max Page is prepping himself for yet another heart surgery, and this time, things are tricky!

Page's mother, Jennifer Alderson, updated fans on her son's status via an Instagram post on September 15, 2021, where she revealed that Page was experiencing sporadic fevers.

Apparently, he also had problems with his leads and pacemaker. 

Max Page to Undergo a 'Tricky' Heart Surgery

The doting mother further expounded that it was a tricky surgery to perform because of all the scar tissue buildup from Page's previous surgeries. She also invited the young actor's fans and well-wishers to join in prayer. 

Page was praying for a "NO FEVER DAY," while the mother prepped a focus board. She outed that Page was focusing on trust, worship, and peace. "The kind only the Lord can pour down...," she added. 

Alderson also revealed that the symptoms, this time around, came out of the blue, and so they were still working on getting their footing. However, she was still strong in her faith and claimed that they weren't alone and they were grateful. 

While the youngster has his own focus board to guide him through, Alderson had but one request to make to her God — let her son heal quickly and get back to his senior year. Until then, they expected to take everything in as it came. 

Alderson also assured fans that she would keep them in the loop and post when more was revealed. 

Max Page's Surgery Postponed to Monday

Later that same day, the mother shared a snap of a whole bunch of vials and announced that she was waiting on Page's test results. Her faith was strong. She believed that God always answered in his own time, but waiting for answers was still hard. 

She also let the fans know that Page's surgery had been postponed until at least Monday, September 20, 2021. "So until then we will make the best of it," she pushed. 

Alderson also affirmed that Page loved all the texts and messages that he'd been receiving from friends and family. Those have apparently been very helpful. 

Even in these testing times, Page was still advocating for himself and continually asking God to let his will be done. "A forever servant - a passionate advocate - my sweet sweet son," the loving mother wrote. 

Max Page Is an Advocate for Children's Healthcare

The Young and Restless alum was diagnosed with a rare congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot at birth. Because of his condition, he had to undergo a dozen heart surgeries, including one to implant an artificial pulmonary heart valve and one for his pacemaker. 

This rare condition requires lifelong care. So he and his family have largely relied on Medicaid-funded supplemental insurance programs through California Children’s Services. He has since been advocating for himself and others like him. 

He has been advocating for children's health with Congress. He hopes to be the face of child healthcare to show those in seats of power that kids have problems and they did not do anything to deserve them.