Matt Barr kept details of his relationship and dating status private. His social media handles only consisted of photos of his co-stars, mother, and other family members.

That is to say, the Hellcats star didn't post pictures indicating he was in a relationship. But that is now the story of the past.

He made his new relationship Instagram official on June 10, 2021.

Initially, Barr attended the premiere of 12 Mighty Orphans in Fort Worth with his girlfriend.

Then, he posted a picture from the day on his Instagram, dubbing himself the "luckiest guy in Texas" in the caption. 

Who Is Matt Barr's Girlfriend?

Barr's new girlfriend, who has been gracing his Instagram time and again for the past few months, is Kylie E. Duff.


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Duff's Instagram is private, and not much is known about her. But it is a sure thing she loves adventures and traveling like her partner. 

The pair has gone to various escapades together, and Barr has shared several glimpses of their adventurous trips on his Instagram.

In November 2021, they went adventuring in the pre-Columbian Mayan walled city in Tulum, Mexico, and the spice islands of Zanzibar, Tanzania.

"The Mayans knew how to pick'em," read the caption for one of Barr's posts. The post included a gallery of pictures of them inside a picturesque cave. 

In one photo, Barr and his girlfriend were seen sharing a passionate smooch beneath the rays of sunlight.

Matt Barr kissing his girlfriend in a cave

Matt Barr with his girlfriend Kylie E. Duff in Tulum, Mexico, in July 2021. (Source: Barr's Instagram)

A month later, the pair went scuba diving in the Zanzibar islands. Barr shared some glimpses from their adventure on Instagram.

As soon as he uploaded the pictures, friends and followers congratulated him for getting back into the dating scene. 

"We are so happy for y'all!" read one on the post that showed the couple rejoicing one another's company in a beautiful sunset evening.

Another commenter assumed his girlfriend was the love of his life and predicted he would have a happy Thanksgiving with her. 

Matt Barr's Previous Relationship 

Years before going public with his relationship with Duff, Barr was rumored to be dating his Hellcats co-star, Heather Hemmens.

The speculation of their romantic rapport spurred after they attended the 2012 Daytime Emmy Awards and posed for photographs together. They were spotted together at the 2013 Kentucky Derby. 


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The Hatfields & McCoys actor also hinted at their relationship in an interview on KTLA Morning News.

When asked if this relationship with his co-star was more than just best friends, the actor implied it was more like a "friends with benefits" relationship.

"I think when men and women are BFFs, inevitably they are gonna wind up there," said Barr hinting at what could possibly be going on between him and Hemmens. 

Despite his comment, neither Barr nor Hemmens confirmed if they were dating.