Mason Crosby and his wife Molly Ackerman are going strong in their marriage, relishing a healthy family life.

However, things were not always this good for Crosby and his family. 

For instance, the NFL star and his family could not believe the truth when Ackerman was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer in the summer of 2019.

"Molly had a cough, and it didn't sound normal," Crosby recounted in his blog for Sports Illustrated in November 2019.


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He continued to share, "It almost sounded like pneumonia, but it was the middle of summer. Something just didn't feel right."

Mason Crosby on His Wife's Cancer

In the mentioned article, Crosby opened up about his wife's sickness and how they fought it. 

The placekicker first shared that he [and his longtime partner] felt Ackerman had asthma attacks. Since it was more severe at night and got better during the day, they initially didn't consider visiting a doctor.

But she didn't get better even after a long time. That is when they did a chest X-ray, which showed that she had a little spot on her lungs.

Later, they did a CT scan, which eventually confirmed that she had a tumor.

He went on to say that his spouse was diagnosed with the disease right after the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation Golf Classic in June 2019.

In there, he found irony that he, who had been serving as the event's co-chair for the last eight years at the time and raising money to help people with cancer, saw the disease closely through his missis.

Mason Crosby with his wife Molly 'Ackerman' Crosby.

Mason Crosby with his wife Molly Ackerman Crosby. (Photo: Instagram)

"Unfortunately, right now in my family, we are seeing too many cases of cancer," he stated while adding, "My wife Molly's was unexpected, something we didn't see coming."

Mason Crosby Supported Wife's Cancer Battle

Crosby and his spouse Ackerman were told by the doctor, who was also a family friend, that she had a tumor on the lower lobe of her right lung.

"It was a good-sized tumor, about two centimeters across, tucked in a spot close to her spine and near her heart," the NFL player described.

Immediately after that, the power couple started seeking the best option to fight the disease. In that process, they came across Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and agreed to undergo surgery.

But right before the surgery, doctors explored she had a massive blood clot in the vein going to her ovaries. Due to that, the surgery had to be postponed for a month.

Meanwhile, Crosby looked after his spouse and the couple's five children, as well as fulfilled his commitments with his NFL team Green Bay Packers.


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It was hard for the Packers star, as he had already lost several grandparents to the disease, along with his 30-year-old sister-in-law, Brittany, who lost the battle against her ovarian cancer.

That said, Crosby's continuous support and Ackerman's rock-solid determination to fight helped the couple successfully win the battle.

Weeks after her surgery, Ackerman was in the stands again to hype her husband, her source of inspiration.