Mark Normand has been doing stand-up comedy for over 15 years and is a well-known personality among comedy enthusiasts.

At age 37, he has cemented himself as a successful comic, but he isn't the only one close to him that's working in the industry. Just like him, his girlfriend Mae Planert is also a stand-up comedian and the two have been together for quite some time.

His material is often considered fresh by comics and audiences alike. His genre-bending jokes even stirred gay speculations at one point since the comedian often jokes that he is a "little gay." However, his relationship with his girlfriend puts those rumors to rest.

Here’s a look at his relationship with Planert.


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Mae Planert Met Mark Normand At His Show

Normand and Planert have been dating since around 2015. She shared the story of how she met Normand during her appearance as a guest on the podcast A Relationship Story.

Planert revealed she was on a date with another guy when they decided to go to Normand’s show. After the date, she told her roommate that she was still thinking about Normand and got the advice to message the comedian.

So I just messaged him on Facebook. And one of his jokes at the time was about how he was so awkward that if he makes eye contact with a woman, he takes it that they are in love. And I was like, ‘We made eye contact more than once  so I take it we’re in love now.’

After the first message, the two got in touch and started going out.

How Mae Planert Got Into Comedy

When the two started dating, Planert wasn’t a comedian. She only got into it later on. She was initially hesitant to be open about her interest in it because she thought people would attribute her success to having a famous comedian boyfriend if she made it.

I didn’t want to do the thing that he was doing. You know, for obvious reasons. I just wanted to do my own thing so I tried to circumvent it by doing other things that are also creative… Actually I took an improv class which was a ******* disaster. I hated it. I hated it so bad.

Planert didn’t ask for any help from Normand and even kept it a secret from him when she started comedy. In fact, he only learned that she was doing stand-up comedy when both of them were booked for the same show six months after she started doing it.

Mae Planert and Mark Normand on Dating & Comedy

Since both Planert and Normand are comedians, the two don’t really talk about comedy with each other. She explained it was better to keep comedy out of their relationship since they already do it for a living.


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Doing so has also helped Planert find her own style as she didn’t ask for his help and isn’t influenced by him much in that regard.

For the same reason, she pointed out that despite both of them talking about the same event; they had a drastically different way of saying it.

Their decision to isolate their comic careers from their relationship has worked great for them and they frequently post about each other on their social media.

It is not sure if the two have plans to become husband and wife, but they seem to be enjoying each other's company, regardless.