Manon Mathews is a comedian and actress who found fame through the defunct and beloved social media platform Vine.

In 2017, she met Stephen Murphy, an actor known for the shows like A Few Less Men and 68 Whiskey.

Sparks immediately flew between the two, and they got engaged shortly after. Then, in July 2019, she officially referred to her boyfriend as her husband in a dreamy event set in Malibu, California.

However, as quickly as they got together, so was their separation. Eight months later, the couple announced their divorce. 

The Break-up

In an emotionally drenched and heavy Instagram post, Mathews announced the couple could not save their marriage. She confessed it was rife with issues that couldn’t be solved even after three months of counseling.

Therefore, both thought it was simply best to call it quits and go their separate ways. She also mentioned that she was not one to publicize sappy posts of breakups.

However, she found herself responsible for letting her audience know as she had brought them along throughout her romantic journey. So this was the bitter conclusion of it.  

However, at this point, she had not gone into the details of the problems. What was apparent was that she was genuinely heartbroken.

Sharing intimate pictures of their marriage to talk about a moment of failure was not short of a deep emotional turmoil for Matthews. Later on, though, she would provide a bit more insight into the breakdown. 

The Reasons Unearthed

In a stripped-down and candid podcast interview with Women on Top, which aired in September 2020, Mathews put down her guard and talked a bit about the details of their failed marriage. 

She revealed that she had met up with her friends a month after their marriage to look at her wedding photos. But, unfortunately, they were quick to recognize Murphy from elsewhere else.

Not only that, but with someone else as well. They confided in Mathews that he was up to something behind her back and involved another woman, showing her pictures and text messages.

While she did not go into detail about the matter, Matthews mentioned she was afraid to learn about those explicit things her husband did. However, the revelation compelled her to be in a desperate state of questioning her reality.

She could not distinguish between things she had thought to be true, her marriage unquestionably included.

Are Mason Mathews and Stephen Murphy Still Friends?

Due to their fallout, neither Mathews nor Murphy have posted anything about each other. However, she said that they are still close to each other.

Regardless of the past, she would always have a special place in her heart for him. More recently, she published her memoir Funny How It Works Out, in which she went over more vulnerable details of her ex-husband’s infidelity.

Now, she has found happiness again as she is currently dating Turkish-American and aspiring actor, producer, and podcaster Jonny Carlson. They began dating in 2020 and lived out the quarantine together.

They both seem to have ample humor in their romance and find themselves lucky to have each other.