The Survivor alum Malcolm Freberg is currently dating his girlfriend, with whom he shares several pictures on social media. 

Freberg, who has taken part in Survivor three times, has been romantically linked to his fellow contestants on occasions and once dated a co-contestant, So Kim. But the reality star has moved on since and is now happy in his new relationship with his partner.

Who Is Malcolm Freberg Dating?

The 36-year-old is currently in a relationship with Taylor Von Elling, who lives in Los Angeles, California. While the couple has not been married, they are not scared to show love to one another on social media. 

Their pictures on social media date back to April 2019. On the occasion of Elling's birthday, Freberg shared monochrome collage pictures of the couple making funny faces and kissing each other. 

Alongside the picture, he wrote, "this is fairly accurate depiction of last night's barcade party — although it doesn't show anyone furiously shouting at pac-man."

The duo surely loves to share beach pictures as well. In a photo shared in July 2020, Freberg and Elling were seen enjoying the beachside wave from a distance. He made sure to uplift the mood of his fans during the dreadful pandemic. 


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"The world's crazy right now. go out there and fight for our best future — but don't forget to take the time to celebrate how kickass 'life' is," he captioned the picture.

In April 2021, the duo vacationed to Bavaro, Dominican Republic, where they enjoyed their time at the beach.

Elling shared a selfie, writing, "nice change of pace, going to a beach and not having to look for idols/run challenges/argue with loonies in pink underwear."

Malcolm Freberg Previously Dated So Kim

Freberg was in a romantic relationship with co-contestant So Kim. The two initially met in the wilderness and started dating in 2015. 

Kim was the first to be voted out from Survivorbut she had no regrets about it since she met Freberg on the reality show.

During an interview with Narkive, she said, "Malcolm is my guy. He's great. You know what? I may have been the first one voted out. But I ultimately won because I got to meet a great guy like Malcolm."

The two broke up a few years later due to unknown reasons. However, the private pictures of Freberg and Kim kissing from 2015 are still there on his Instagram account.


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In January 2016, the reality television star had shared a birthday post for his then-girlfriend, kissing her on the forehead. Alongside the picture, he wrote, "Happy birthday to the cutest, smartest, funniest girl I know -- & best part is, she lets me call her my GF."

Freberg also allegedly dated fellow Survivor contestant Angie Layton in 2012. The dating rumor started after they were seen cuddling while sleeping.

However, in a later interview that year, Layton clarified there was nothing romantic between them.

"On the show, we were really tight. I trusted him, and he trusted me. It wasn't anything romantic; we were keeping each other warm. I keep in touch with him, and he's a great friend," she said, speaking to the Hollywood Reporter in 2012.