Taryn, a TikToker and Instagram user who went by the handle @luvtheflex and @rightnaaa on the platforms, respectively, has been in hot waters for her activities on social media. Her status on social media has been overly controversial and infamous. She has been constantly called out for posting indecent pictures on her TikTok and Instagram for the past few months. And the issue here is that she did those while she was still a minor. She has also been accused of promoting racial slurs, which she has denied. 

If you aren't aware, her Tiktok id, which had more than 2 million followers, has also been banned. As a result, many are wondering about the reason why she has been canceled on social media and criticized by many. 

Luvtheflex criticized and harassed for “soft core cp” in 2021

Luvtheflex has had a decent following on both Instagram and TikTok. On Instagram, she reached around 290 thousand followers; and on TikTok, she got more than 2 million followers. Currently, her Instagram is private, and her second TikTok id has only amassed over 31k followers after her first account was banned.

The controversy arose because she had been posting pictures that are, by many, considered to be inappropriate. On both platforms, she posted videos and pictures of herself in little clothing, sometimes lingerie or crop tops, and at other times in skintight clothing.

Her posts caught up with the internet, and many people criticized her for multiple reasons.

She usually got criticism for posting what they deem to be "softcore CP." Adding to that, her age and the confusion surrounding that added to this controversy.

Many claimed she said she was 15, and some even claimed she said she was 14. But in 2022, she claimed she was 16 years old then.

In addition, many also claimed that her behavior of posting potentially insensitive and harmful pictures, or "normalising cp," as one post put it, was disturbing considering she was a minor.

luvtheflex poses infront of the mirror
luvtheflex poses in front of the mirror. (Source: Instagram)

Comments on the same post discussed how Luvtheflex said her mother was okay with her acts and that she was still in the 8th grade.

Another critique directed was how she potentially stuffed her clothes and edited her body in pictures to look more mature.

Luvtheflex responds to criticism and harassment in 2022

Having faced criticism and harassment from people on the platform for a few months, Luvtheflex finally addressed all the comments directed towards her during this controversy in 2022.

She took to Instagram stories to pen a lengthy post talking about the situation. At the beginning of the first post, she said that it had been "exhausting getting constantly harassed on every platform."

Luvtheflex posing for a photo
luvtheflex posing for a photo. (Source: Instagram)

She did not shy away from admitting wrongdoings but added that she did it "a long time ago," and there was nothing she could do about it anymore to change it.

"I never once defended myself for the things i posted, i just took the blame and left it alone," she wrote.

Then, she went into the accusations. Luvtheflex clarified she did not "still post softcp" and her posts were no different than any other girl on the two platforms.

She did not like that it was only her being harassed and making videos about. The TikToker also denounced everyone who was trying to profit off her and make her look bad.

"all these videos are proof that nobody lets other ppl grow and learn from their past, theyre just looking for ways to tear me down," she accused.

At the end of the first story, she asked people not to lie about her age and insisted that she had never put her age on her bio until recently. She said her birthday was in May, and she could not have just turned 15.

Luvtheflex responds to the criticisms of child p**n and harassment she has received on TikTok and Instagram.

Luvtheflex responds to the criticisms of child p**n and harassment she has received on TikTok and Instagram. (Photo: Luvtheflex/Instagram)

In the next story, she felt like she should not have to leave social media because everyone else could not leave her alone, and it was not that difficult to block her if they did not like her.

Further, she also posted one supportive message she got that asked her to take her time in coping with everything going on.

Similarly, she also admitted to posting revealing pictures on TikTok, too. But there, too, she said she could do nothing to remove the pictures from the internet.

In another video, Taryn also talked about how people asked her to "act her age." She admitted she had not been acting her age, but the threats of getting de-platformed and death threats were concerning and exhausting.

Where is Luvtheflex now?

Many seem to have tried to cancel the social media star from various platforms. Usually, infamous personalities do get a lot of reporting from people related to violations of community standards.

As of now, she is not as active on social media and has fewer followers. Although she has apologized regarding almost all the accusations against her, it will take time for people to move on and stop talking about her.