Liza Koshy is a comedian, actress, and YouTuber who began her career on Vine under the name Lizzza in 2013. She gained a wide following in the video sharing platform through her funny skits and by the time Vine closed in 2017, she had amassed over 7 million followers.

Koshy had already established a foothold in YouTube and soon grew to be one of the biggest content creators on the platform. As of November 2021, her YouTube channel has over 17.5 million subscribers and over 2.54 billion views.

Aside from regular skits, Koshy also does vlogs and her own YouTube series named Liza On Demand. She is loved by her fans for her sense of humor and well-executed comedy videos. 

Koshy has made hundreds of videos, including parodies where she plays multiple characters. One such parody she did is titled “WHY I TATTOOED MY ENTIRE BODY.”

Does Liza Koshy Have Tattoos?

Because of the video, many people began wondering if Koshy really had any tattoos. In a Wired autocomplete video where she answered the web’s most searched questions about herself, she spoke on whether she had any tattoos.

Koshy points at a tiny black mark on her nose and answers:

Yes. I actually have a tattoo on my nose. Can you zoom in? Can you see that? That little like dash on my nose. My friend was getting a tattoo, and I wanted to send a picture to my mom and pretend I was getting a tattoo on my face. And the tattoo artist accidentally moved and nicked my nose.

The YouTuber then continued to reveal the truth, admitting that she had made up the answer on the spot. “That was a complete lie. I don’t have any tattoos.”


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Koshy had also shared about being too scared to get a tattoo beforehand. In an Instagram post she made in December 2015, she uploaded a picture of a hand with the words “a tattoo” written in gold ink.

Koshy wrote in the captions: i got “a tattoo” ! Kidding - this is my friend's hand. I was too scared to get it.