Lil Tecca is one of the hottest up-and-coming rappers today, and that is not an opinion!

The 'Love Me' rapper has had his ups and downs in the industry, as many other young breakouts had, mainly because of the pandemic. However, he is far from done and is making heads turn with his sophomore album. We Love You Tecca 2

Lil Tecca on His New Album

Spreading the word on his new art piece, the rapper sat down with GQ and discussed his comeback, which, ironically, the youngster outright refuted. He explained what he was doing was not a comeback because he had never left.

But before exploring the young rapper's preferences and attitudes toward things and situations, the outlet thought best to ask him about his upcoming album. 

Right out the gate, the rapper, whose real name is Tyler-Justin Anthony Sharpe, admitted that We Love You Tecca 2 came after finding the guidance and direction he needed. He was also quick to draw a contrast with his debut album Virgo World, where he admitted to feeling like he was navigating in the dark. 

"Like I didn’t know where to go. I felt like I had no sort of direction for myself," he added, "But, for this one? It definitely feels way better." 

Lil Tecca's Idea of Fashion

Stepping back from the new album, the rapper also discussed his idea of fashion. The outlet brought to mind one of Tecca's interviews from the past, where he apparently said that he did not need designer brands.

The line stuck with fans to the point that it was overplayed. Fans were of the idea that the rapper, who was once adamant about his indifference to fashion labels, had begun dropping designer references in his bars. Of course, they also took notice that the rapper was now wearing Prada. 

To that, the rapper's response was fairly simple. He said, 

I mean – I do love clothes! But I don’t really care whatever people are saying.

In fact, the teenage rapper outed that he found fans discussing his appearance to be more entertaining than anything. He still admitted that he would do the same if he were anyone but himself.

He also confessed he wasn't always so confident about his stance and he had to learn to be like that.

Lil Tecca on His Anxiety

Later during the interview, the outlet also brought one of the young rapper's more recent tweets. In the tweet, he'd claimed that he went through quite a lot of self-doubt and anxiety. So much so that a moment of clarity did so much for him.

Expounding on his social media outings, Tecca added, 

I am the type of person that will low-key rationalize where my head is going. And then, try to accept it, and try to tell myself like, 'Hey, that’s just me, I guess.'

He then started to live as the person he believed he was, which was a self-propagating process.

Circling back to the tweet, he revealed the moment of clarity being referred to came from finishing his album We Love You Tecca 2.