Kevin Abstract is apparently off the market.

On August 2, 2021, the rapper took to his Twitter to tease his fans about his new relationship.

He shared that he loved his boyfriend and had never found a man like his present lover before.

“i love my boyfriend ive never had a man ever ever ever love me the way this man loves me [sic],” he tweeted.

However, Abstract didn’t reveal the identity of his boyfriend, making his fans all over social media speculate about his possible mister perfect.

Fans Speculate That Kevin Abstract’s Boyfriend Is Nick Holiday

Out of many speculations on Abstract’s alleged new boyfriend, many fans claimed that the rapper was dating professional photographer Nick Holiday.

“One of y’all gotta tell me who he with,” a fan inquired in Abstract’s tweet, to which another fan replied, “nick holiday.”

Another added, “Who is his boyfriend??? Nick??”

“i’m very happy you’ve found someone who gives u the love u deserve,” someone tweeted, expressing they were happy for Abstract and his boyfriend.

A Twitter user also shared that they just realized the rapper was gay, writing, “All this time I thought you were straight.”

In addition, there is a Reddit thread where many netizens have been discussing “Are Kevin and Nick dating?” for the last eight months.

“dude ive been asking the same [expletive] question. But is nick even gay?” one wrote, asking if Holiday was gay.

Another user on the platform replied to the concern with, “pretty sure nick isn’t gay.”

“They’re all over each other’s Instagram accounts - I’m pretty sure those two are dating [plus] Kevin said he had a bf and who else would it be [because] Nick is like the only person he spends time with nowadays lol,” someone wrote claiming Abstract and Holiday are definitely dating.

Someone also thought the rapper was dating another man named Jaden Walker. They wrote, “I’m way out of the loop because I assumed Kevin was still with Jaden.”

Another user clarified, “OMG NOOOO dude. [Abstract and Walker] broke up before [Abstract] even came out. Must’ve fallen out hard cuz Jaden hates when ppl bring up BH on his TikTok.”

Kevin Abstract and Nick Holiday’s Frequent Collaboration and Appearances

Abstract and Holiday have recently collaborated multiple times and frequently appeared together on social media. Because of that, fans and netizens have been thinking of them as a couple.

For instance, Abstract launched a new fall collection for his brand, Video Store Apparel (VSA), last month — while its lookbook was photographed by Holiday.

The photographer helped the rapper and the brand to bring a nostalgic vision to life.

“Something me and [Kevin] like to do is take classic American tropes — things you’ve seen in movies and TV shows from the past — and redefine those, flip them on their heads, by adding queer elements,” Holiday said of the VSA’s Fall 2021 lookbook.

Similarly, the singer-songwriter shared two adorable pictures of the alleged couple from the recent GQ event on November 19, 2021.

In one of the snaps, Holiday kissed Abstract’s forehead while they held each other’s hands.

But again, both of them are yet to confirm that they are in a relationship.