You might recognize Kerry Godliman from After Life or any number of her comedic TV appearances.

However, the actress keeps her life behind the camera on the down-low, much like many of her peers.

Thankfully, she has dropped a few hints of her life with her doting husband and kids in a few interactions with the press here and there.

Here's an aggregation of what is known thus far. 

How Kerry Godliman Met Her Husband

Starting at the very top, during an interview with Metro, the actress recalled how she first came to know her husband. 

First off, she talked about how her husband, Ben Abell, started off by playing her on-screen husband on her radio show Kerry's List.

However, their first encounter was before that. They apparently met during a play that both of them were playing in. 

"We met doing a play where I was a psychiatric nurse," she recalled, "So we should probably do loads of therapy to deal with the subtext of that."

Kerry Godliman Leads Family of 4 with Husband

That being said, the couple still leads a happy family of four, which they share with their two children — Elsie and Frank. 

While having two youngsters at home might have been a difficult act to juggle with a hectic shooting schedule, the couple has found a way to make it work. 

As The Guardian reported, Godliman channels the act of childcare into crafting the materials for her radio show Kerry's List, which still stars Abell as her spouse. 

She did admit that her children were anarchic, though. Evidently, they don't always make it easy for her and her husband to execute their version of a perfect life. 

Kerry Godliman enjoying the winter sun with family

Kerry Godliman enjoying the winter sun with family (Source: Instagram)

"They're not interested in your to-do list and fantasy of a perfect life," she toiled.

Kerry Godliman on Using Kids as Stand-up Material

Godliman was initially skeptical about using her family affairs as material for her comedy skits, as domesticity wasn't exactly rock'n'roll as other genres might have been.

But then again, she was leaning into the way that cult US stand-up artist Louis CK made material out of his children. 

She was also of the idea that comedy did not come from perfection. 

"If you are perfect, comedy doesn't work. Comedy only works on dysfunction. We're cracking up on stage for your entertainment," she commented.

Kerry Godliman on Working in LA

While her family does grant her a supposedly unlimited supply of jokes to crack on her radio show, there have been times that having kids at home has kept the actress from stretching her legs. 

Not that she's complaining, though. 

During another interview, this one with Mirror, the actress recalled how one could not swing to and fro across the pond when being questioned if she would consider joining her dear friend and colleague Ricky Gervais in LA. 

She did go there to shoot for Mascots with Christopher Guest way back when. 

During her time there, she realized that she had to be sure about her work-life balance if she were ever to consider working across the pond in a more permanent fashion. 

As things were, she'd rather be with her kids back home.