"We are celebarting our girl Keke's golden birthday, on August 26, today," announced Sara Haines.

In 2019, actress Keke Palmer was in the company of her parents, her siblings, and her friends on the set of the talk show GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke.

Haines, one of the show's founding members, firstly wished Palmer on her twenty-sixth birthday and later gave out introductions of Palmer's parents to the watching audience.

Host Haines then revealed that she had a "very special announcement" to make.

"It is official. Keke is our new co-host," said Haines. Her declaration was followed by rousing applause from the crowd, but that wasn't the end of the news.

Haines announced that the chat show, previously known as GMA3: Strahan & Sara, was rebranded to GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke to incorporate the show's newest addition.

While the announcement was being made, Palmer's face was lit up with a beaming smile.

Getting to Know Keke Palmer's Siblings

Palmer's mother, Sharon, took the cue and expressed her excitement "to be here," and said, "we have another surprise for Keke."

Per her mom, "some more" people were present at the show to "say happy birthday to you."

Following her announcement, the hosts of guests on the set were joined by Palmer's brother, Lawrence, and sister, Lawrencia, who happened to be twins.

Jumping on the twin affair, Palmer humorously said,

My mom's a twin. My dad's a twin. And they had twins. 

Palmer is seven years older than her siblings.

Sharon spoke praises of Palmer and recollected how "Keke was always the helpful one," ever since the twins came into the picture.

Palmer was like a mother figure to her brother and sister as she used to "grab 'em and hold 'em and feed 'em and take care of them."

While the show's other founding co-host, Strahan, remained relatively quiet, Hains popped up with another question and asked the siblings, "what [is] she like as an older sister?"

"She the coolest," replied the siblings jointly. Lawrencia then recalled writing a text message to Palmer on the morning of her birthday.

In her writing, Lawrencia mentioned that her sister "is always gonna [going to] be the coolest thing to me, no matter how old you get."

"I am so grateful for my family," Palmer promptly remarked.

During the show's filming, the actress was aspiring to become a culinary student, and as a birthday present, her siblings brought her an apron with the show's name printed on it.

The ongoing celebration was made more special after a video message from Palmer's best friend, Jessica, was played on the show.

Firstly, it was stated that Jessica could not make it to the show, but later, Strahan surprised the birthday girl by calling her best friend on stage.

The moment was made celebratory with the sounds of trumpets, Saxophone, and drums played by the show's live band.

After witnessing the love Palmer was being shown by her family and close friends, she couldn't hold back her tears and called Jessica the "best friend I ever had."

While all of this was unfolding on Palmer's special day, another of her siblings, older sister Loreal, wasn't present among her family members.

Unfortunately, Loreal is the only family member whose whereabouts are not known in public.