Keir Dullea has been married to his fourth spouse, Mia Dillon, for over two decades now. They got hitched in 1999.

Their connection was perhaps set up by fate. But his late wife Susie Miller also had a big hand.

Keir Dullea's Late Spouse Brought Him Together with Current Wife

Miller was directing Private Lives in 1995. She had decided her then-husband Dullea to be one of the characters.

And as fate would have it, Miller cast Dillon alongside him in the movie.

It wasn't that they were complete strangers at this point. They had met once before, at the reading of Selected Shorts for NPR. But the meeting was brief, and they did not conjure up any connection then.

However, while working together in the movie, the three bonded and became good friends.


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Dillon was just getting out of a 10-year relationship at the time. And she noticed how Dullea loved and treated Miller.

"I fell in love with the way he treated her," Dillon said of her now spouse's relationship with Miller to Independent.

That treatment was the exact opposite of how she had felt in the relationship she had just left behind.

The showbiz life separated the three. Dullea and Miller lived in Connecticut, while Dillon resided in New York. They lost contact at the time.

But fate would bring Dullea and his now spouse together soon enough.

How Keir Dullea Re-Met His Now Spouse Mia Dillon

Dullea's 27-year marriage to Miller ended with her death in 1998. She succumbed to Ovarian cancer.

The veteran actor was visiting his mother in New York. She lived in an assisted care facility in the city, which happened to be nearby Dillon's apartment.

They met again in the streets of Manhattan after being out of touch for years. He described it as "the strangest co-incidence."

She did not know about his late's wife condition until then. The connection they had in the past was revamped immediately.

Keir Dullea with his spouse Mia Dillon on a radio show.

Keir Dullea with his spouse Mia Dillon on a radio show. (Photo: Twitter)

The now-married couple spent a lot of time together in rainy Ireland before he proposed her. But it came soon enough.

Dullea and her spouse were having a road trip in the rain for two weeks when he proposed in Dingle.

They got married in 1999, just a year after Dullea lost Miller.

The couple share time between Manhattan and Connecticut. They also spend a lot of time working together.

Dullea has done many theater plays with his partner, too many for them to remember at times.

Keir Dullea's Previous Marriages

Before Dullea was married to Miller and then to Dillon, he had gone through two marriages and divorces.

His first marriage was with stage and film actress Margot Bennett. They tied the knot in 1960 and divorced in 1968.

Then, in 1969, the 2001: A Space Odyssey actor started his second marriage with ex wife, Susan Lessons.


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However, they separated just a year later.

A short while later, Dullea met Miller in London. They were there for Butterflies Are Free, a Leonard Gershe play.

In 1972, they married, and he became the stepfather to her two daughters from a previous relationship.