For Kayla Sessler, it's heartache after heartache.

The Teen Mom star, who shared her feelings about her boyfriend, Luke Davis, proposing to her on August 16, 2022 episode of the show, has something even bigger to worry about. She reported having a panic attack after his proposal.

However, Sessler has now realized that it was not a panic attack at all. It was something much more serious — it pertains to her heart.

Kayla Sessler Reveals Emergency Heart Condition

Right around when the latest episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant was airing, Sessler took to Twitter to provide an update on the panic attack discussed on the show.

The episode showed Sessler going deep into her regret about her engagement with Davis and her trauma from his infidelity. She then disclosed that while regular people feel joy after being proposed, she felt like she was having a panic attack.

Only, it was much worse. "Sooo it actually wasn’t a panic attack," she wrote on Twitter. "Turns out I have something wrong with my heart."

Kayla Sessler reveals her panic attack she got after boyfriend's proposal was actually a heart condition.

Sessler reveals the panic attack she got after her boyfriend's proposal was actually a heart condition. (Photo: Kayla Sessler/Twitter)

She then disclosed she had emergency surgery coming up on September 13.

Sessler delivered the diagnosis to her fans on what was supposed to be a happy day for her and everyone who loved her. August 16 is also her younger daughter, Ariah Jordan's birthday.

The reality TV star made a birthday post for her daughter just hours before tweeting about her condition. "Happy birthday to my baby. I can’t believe you’re already THREE," she wrote in the caption, posting a few cute snaps of her little girl.

An Outpour of Support and Well-Wishes

As soon as Sessler's tweet went live, people poured into the reply section on her tweet, leaving supportive messages for the 23-year-old mother-of-two.

"Omg!! Sending well wishes for your upcoming surgery," one wrote, while another said, "Manifesting a safe procedure, and quick recovery for you."

Sessler has been responding to her well-wishers on the platform, saying "thank you" to everyone.

The Teen Mom star has had, even apart from the recent health update, a bad couple of weeks. Her relationship with Davis is mostly to blame for her miseries.

In the August 16 episode, Sessler revealed the couple had been trying to move past the difficulties they had with his infidelity, her abortion, and their fight with his side of the family. It even put to question the timing of their engagement, which many believe not to be right for her.

Further, Sessler has been trying to get a hold of her situation. She asked her mother if she could move into her house for a month as she wanted to work on herself and ask Davis to work on himself.

Luke, however, was not thrilled about her plans to be separated for a month. He was actually under the impression that they were both moving in with her mother. Sessler, though, wanted to see if they still wanted to be together after some time apart.

The heart condition surely does not make handling a publicly unfolding family drama any easier.