Instagram celebrity and photographer Katie Stauffer has 3.2 million Instagram followers, 1.18 million Youtube followers, 2.8 million TikTok followers, and 17.5k Twitter followers as of writing. But did you know her road to fame started with posting pictures of her kids on social media for fun?

“I made the account about six years ago without much thought behind it -- I had just wanted to try Instagram -- and posted pictures of my kids. I started entering photo hashtag projects on different pages; I think my first one was a challenge that asked you to post a picture of a mailbox. Generally, I had my kids in my photos, so other people who had kids followed me,” Stauffer shared to Entrepreneur

She added, “Then, companies started asking if they could send merchandise, like a shirt, for one of my kids to take a photo in. Our number of followers started growing, especially after I got pregnant with the twins. Some of our followers were interior design fans because I usually had parts of the home in the background of photos of my kids. And one day, probably in the beginning of 2017, my eldest daughter made a video of the twins and asked me to post it. It went viral, so we made another one, and that was it.”

And what started as a fun activity in a few years turned her and her family into super popular influencers. Out of all, she and her family received national coverage in October 2019 because she dressed up her twins in Halloween costumes throughout the month.


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And that’s a usual theme—she repeatedly tries different customs or branding clothes with her children, and they usually go viral. For example, in 2016, she dressed up her daughters as Kim and Kourtney.

Later in December 2021, she also posted a video of her daughter Mila Stauffer showing her swimming skills to rapper 50 Cent. 

Now, people know Stauffer as an influencer mom whose content is primarily centered on her kids. But she differentiated her content through branding and contextualized family content. For example, her daughter talks about her pre-preschool experiences in one of her videos. She uploaded the video with the understanding that many parents and kids would relate to a kid's first journey to schooling. 

Since Stauffer has also understood the importance of work-life balance, she told E News that she only creates videos once or twice a week, which allows her to balance motherhood with social media content creation.

No wonder Stauffer’s family contents have made the family both popular and rich. Her daughters, Emma and Mila, have even got to brand a clothing line sold in Target and online. 

 Here’s a look at her family life.

Who is Dr. Katie Stauffer’s Husband now?

Stauffer's second marriage—her wedding with Nick Anderson— took place in June 2020, and she previously shared that her new husband was in IT and found her family’s huge internet presence very fun.

And she also added that Anderson helped her with her content in many ways, including helping her capture drone footages she includes in her videos.

Anderson also seems to have embraced what was said in the statement, as his Instagram display picture is that of a drone, and his handle is NickDrone.

Aside from her kids, her husband Nick also occasionally gets featured in her videos, enjoying time with the family. And he seems to be a private person since there is not much known about him except his profession.


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How old are Katie Stauffer’s twins now?

Katie Stauffer has five kids with her first husband. Charlie Stauffer, a physician. In a Q&A session she did back in 2020; she revealed she and Charles had gotten a divorce somewhere around 2018.

Katie Stauffer talks about her divorce and marriage

Stauffer’s Q&A session (Source: Instagram)

They had three daughters and two sons during their marriage — Kaitlin, Charles Jr., Finn, Emma, and Mila. Emma and Mila are twins who were born on 31 October 2014.

Why did Mila and Emma’s Parents divorce?

It is unknown why the twins’ parents, Stauffer and Charlie, divorced since they have never spoken about their divorce yet. But during their marriage, Charlie didn’t feature much in her videos because he disliked being in front of the camera, Stauffer said to E! News.

Perhaps Charlie’s choice of privacy might be the reason for their divorce. And it could be that as Stauffer and her children got more popular on social media, Charlie might have decided that it wasn’t a lifestyle he wanted to live forever.  

In 2016, Stauffer and Charlie had given a home tour to Bejiosevents.

Wiser Kaitlin plans the videos

Stauffer’s Instagram and YouTube videos have garnered millions of views. However, the one who plans for them is not Stauffer but her oldest daughter Kaitlin.

When talking to E!, Stauffer revealed Kaitlin started by requesting her to post a funny video of Mila and then eventually transitioned into planning all the videos.

Kaitlin just plans all those videos. I mean, she does whatever. She writes her own music, and she’s always been into writing. She’s won awards and stuff. Sometimes we don’t have a video because she’s not— she says she’s not inspired. It’s really about whatever she wants to do and what she writes.

Aside from Kaitlin, Stauffer’s other children have also proposed their own ideas. Mila and other children also constantly come up with ideas that are inspired by the YouTube videos they watch.

Balancing motherhood and being an influencer

Despite Stauffer being an influencer alongside her family, she doesn’t dedicate much of her family’s time to making her content.

She has revealed that she and her family film videos for about one or two hours once or twice a week.


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And aside from that short time, Stauffer, her husband, and her kids are like any other normal family.

How old is Katie Stauffer?

Born on 17 November 1977, Stauffer’s age is 45 as of writing. She was raised in Birmingham, Michigan. She later studied fashion design at NAU in Arizona. Her fashion education would be useful when her two daughters, Mila and Emma, got a deal to brand a clothing line.