Katie Stauffer started posting pictures of her kids on social media for fun. In a few years, what started as a fun activity turned her and her into an influencer with over 3.5 million followers on Instagram alone. 

She also has a YouTube channel with over 750 thousand followers where she and her family post funny videos.

Stauffer is an influencer mom and her content is primarily centered on her kids. Aside from her kids, her husband Nick is also involved in helping her create content. Here’s a look inside her family life.

Katie Stauffer Has Five Kids With Her First Husband Whom She Divorced

Stauffer has five kids, all of whom she had with her first husband, Charles Stauffer. In a Q&A session Stauffer did back in 2020, she revealed she and Charles had gotten a divorce somewhere around 2018.

Katie Stauffer talks about her divorce and marriage

Stauffer's Q&A session (Source: Instagram)

During their marriage, the two had three daughters and two sons — Kaitlin, Charles Jr., Finn, Emma, and Mila. Emma and Mila are twins who were born on October 31, 2014.

Katie Stauffer Married Again After Divorce With First Husband

After her divorce with Charles, Stauffer moved on with Nick Anderson.

The two tied the knot in June 2020 and she previously shared that her new husband was in IT and found her family’s huge internet presence to be very fun.

Stauffer also added that Anderson helped her with her content in many ways, including helping her capture drone footages she includes in her videos.

Anderson also seems to have embraced what was said on the statement as his Instagram’s display picture is that of a drone and his handle is nick_the_drone_king.

Kaitlin Plans The Videos

The videos on Stauffer’s Instagram and YouTube channels have garnered millions of views. However, the one who plans for them is not Stauffer but her oldest daughter Kaitlin.

When talking to E!, Stauffer revealed Kaitlin started by requesting her to post a funny video of Mila and then eventually transitioned into planning all the videos.

Kaitlin just plans all those videos. I mean, she does whatever. She writes her own music, and she’s always been into writing. She’s won awards and stuff. Sometimes we don’t have a video because she’s not— she says she’s not inspired. It’s really about whatever she wants to do and what she writes.

Aside from Kaitlin, Stauffer’s other children have also proposed their own ideas. Mila and other children also constantly come up with ideas that are inspired by the YouTube videos they watch.

Balancing Motherhood And Being An Influencer

Despite Stauffer being an influencer alongside her family, she doesn’t dedicate much of her family’s time towards making her content.

She revealed that she and her family do film videos either once or twice a week, which is about one or two hours.

And aside from that small time, Stauffer, her husband, and her kids are just like any other normal family.