Television personality and political commentator Katie Hopkins often faces criticism for her outspoken nature and nasty remarks.

Even her three kids have fallen victim to her rude comments. The recent incident dates back to 2020 when Hopkins spoke at the Cambridge Union.

Katie Hopkins' Rude Remarks Aimed at Her Children

When the topic of her son Maximillian's sexuality popped up, she was asked how she would react if her son came out as gay in the future.

Shocking, Hopkins responded, saying she hoped he would do so one day.

"Oh, I'm hoping he is [gay] because he likes skipping, he likes hair dressing," Hopkins remarked.

Katie Hopkins is known for her rude remarks aimed at children.

Public commentator Katie Hopkins speaks at an anti-vaccine protest in the UK. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

She continued her sarcastic rant saying, "When I am fifty and I have got a gay son, I'm totally sorted. [He'll say] 'Mom, your hairdo is awful, you have hair under your chin.'" 

But unfortunately, it wasn't only her son who got a taste of her rude remarks. Hopkins was equally discourteous toward her daughters Poppy and India.

While talking about Maximillian, Hopkins said she thought her son might be gay because of his "quite good" looks, but her daughters weren't good-looking.

However, this wasn't the only time she had dragged her children into her many rants.

Katie Hopkins Disliked Names of Working-Class Children

The media personality received wide criticism for saying she won't allow her children to play with kids with names such as "Tyler," "Charmaine," and "Chantelle."

In 2013, Hopkins made her appearance on the UK television show This Morning to talk about kids' names.

She shocked the audience by saying a child's name describes the type of family they belong to and the kind of upbringing they were given.

"A name, for me, is a short way of working out what class that chid comes from," said the commentator.

She said she would ultimately decide whether she would allow her son and daughters to play with them.

After listening to what Hopkins had to say, the show hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby asked her why she would prevent her kids from interacting with kids from lower-class families.

"It's not just class. There's a whole set of things that go with children like that," Hopkins explained, saying they are quite a disruptive influence at school, that is why she refrained from liking them.

However, she confessed she liked to target boys and girls that she thought would be a good influence for her son and daughters.

At the same time, Hopkins preferred to remain active curtailing friendships with schoolboys and schoolgirls belonging to the lower class.

While she was busy sharing her idea with everyone, author Anna May Mangan, whom Hopkins was sat next to, expressed her displeasure calling her "an insufferable snob."

Mangan further stated that school kids from working-class families are doing incredibly well at school and for her to categorize them by their names was cruel, unkind, and "so old fashioned."