Since her split with Adam Rapp, Katherine Waterston has been very secretive about her love life. The Fantastic Beasts actress has revealed nothing about her current partner.

So it is unknown if she has a husband or boyfriend or not. Here is everything we know about her love life. 

Does Katherine Waterston Have a Husband?

As said before, details about Waterston's husband (if she has one) are not known. But many speculate that she has a partner, if not a husband. 

This is because she confirmed she was pregnant back in November 2018. She showed off her baby bump at the London Premiere of the second installment of the Fantastic Beast series, The Crimes of Grindelwald

She sported a bright yellow Calvin Klein gown with asymmetric sleeves. She tied her hair low and wore minimal makeup with golden eyeshadows and red lips. 

She placed her well-manicured hands on her stomach, cradling her baby bump, as she posed for the red carpet.

It is reported that she gave birth to a baby boy in the spring of 2019. 

However, she has revealed no information about her child or her husband to date. Therefore, Waterston's baby daddy remains a mystery. 

On the other hand, the actress might have undergone artificial insemination. So unless Waterston herself confirms this information, everything should be taken with a grain of salt. 

Katherine Waterston's Ex-Boyfriend

Waterston was in a relationship with Rapp for six years. Rapp is a film director, novelist, playwright, and guitarist for a band named Less. 

He has worked on dozens of plays, including Red Light WinterThe Sound InsideBlackbird, and Ghosts in the Cottonwoods. In 2006, Red Light Winter was a finalist for Pulitzer Prize for Drama. 

Similarly, Rapp has written multiple award-winning books like Under the Wolf, Under the DogMissing the Piano, and The Copper Elephant. In addition, Waterston has worked together with Rapp on several projects. 

It is reported that he dedicated his three-play collection from 2011, The Hallway Trilogy, Part One: Rose, Part Two: Paraffin, Part Three: Nursing, was dedicated to the actress. 

Waterston played the role of Rose Hathaway in the first part of the trilogy in its premiere. It is unknown when the couple parted ways.

Like Waterston, there has been no news about Rapp's love life after the actress. 

Katherine Waterston's Father 

Waterston belongs to a family full of actors and actresses. Her father is the Oscar-nominated actor Sam Waterston.

Sam is best known for his role as Sydney Schanberg in The Killing Fields and Jack McCoy in Law & Order. The actress talked about her experience growing up as a daughter of a successful actor with Daily Mail in 2021. 

She said that it was "a strange thing" to grow up as such since she did not see the hard work Sam put in to be successful. As a result, she lowkey had a "very false sense of how the business works."

But regardless of it all, she wanted to make a name for herself. Moreover, since she would be a second-generation actress, she did not want to be shadowed by her father's career and success.

So, to prove herself, she studied acting by attending college at New York University. Eventually, she earned her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Tisch School of the university. 

Soon, she started her career by acting in various plays. And the rest is history.