Kassi Ashton is engaged, and she can't stop gushing about it!

The country singer's longtime boyfriend, Travis Myatt, got down on one knee and popped the question on Monday, March 14, 2022, after five years of dating. 

Not just that, the doting boyfriend planned the night such that he proposed at the exact place in Key West, Florida, where they first met. 

That very day, the songstress put up a bunch of pictures on her Instagram in a series that told the story of the special night. 

The first frame saw the boyfriend on one knee while a visibly surprised Ashton looked down on him excitedly.

The second frame and the third frame saw the bride-to-be almost sit down, unable to hold herself upright.


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Understandably, she was overwhelmed with emotions. 

The next two frames saw the couple go from boyfriend-girlfriend to a couple of newlyweds — she said yes!

The final two snaps were possibly the most unexpected for Ashton as her entire family came into the frame, and the songstress couldn't help but break down into tears.

Albeit, these were tears of joy. 

The Perfect Proposal

In the caption, she added another dimension to the story of the night. 

It was the pier where Ashton and Myatt met for the first time. The boyfriend had a handwritten declaration in place, and of course, the whole family was secretly waiting on the beach. 

"It’s almost as if you and fate planned this all along. I love you so much," Ashton said of her fiancé.

He surprised me with this trip, my dream ring, my dream antique ring box, and my dream photographer, @ktcrabbphoto. I asked him how I was to repay him and he said, 'marry me.'

The Engagement Ring

In another post made just hours ago, Ashton showed off her stunning engagement ring

The ring features a huge square-cut gem placed in the middle of two others and bound over an eternity right studded with diamonds. 

The engagement ring Kassi Ashton's boyfriend proposed with

Kassi Ashton's engagement ring (Source: Instagram)

The ring was something that Ashton had been drawing up for a while — not for herself, just because. 

The idea was to craft a ring that could cross the old gothic world with soft romance, and the design of this ring was what came to her when she tried to put that idea on paper. 

Apparently, Myatt took the design to her favorite jeweler, Giador Fine Jewelry, and had them bring the design to life. 

"I’ll never stop staring at it," the bride to be gushed.

The Boyfriend's Turn to Gush!

Of course, a celebratory post on the husband-to-be's part is also totally justified, and he did not disappoint. 

"I was in love with her before she knew my first name," he penned over a post's caption. "Now she’s taking my last name." 

During an interview with People last month, the songstress, signed with Interscope, told the outlet that Myatt was the most supportive and open-minded person she knew. 

"I've been so in love with him our whole relationship," she continued. "He understands that I sometimes have to wait for this next move in life until my career catches up."

To add to all of that, it turns out that her grandmother loves him too! What more could one ask for?