Multiple award-winning actor Jude Law is an acting powerhouse. And while his acting skill is often a topic of discussion, his hair has also been subject to public conversation ever since he rose to fame in the late 1990s.

Fans are fascinated by his ever-changing hairline or the “magically disappearing and reappearing hair,” as described by Men’s Health.

Obviously, like most men, the actor also struggles with a receding hairline, and thanks to his popularity, it has been well-documented by paparazzi and media throughout his career.

But what’s surprising is his hairline recedes and grows back at a rapid and unpredictable pace.

For instance, one day, it’s around his crown, and the next day, it’s back toward his eyebrows.

What Happened to Jude Law’s Hair?

Talking with Men’s Health about Law’s hair issue, dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D., said there was little to speculate.

“Hair loss is multifactorial, which means that we cannot identify one specific reason it happens,” he explained.


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Going by that, there is no certain answer, at least known publicly, about why or how the actor lost his hair — or what happened to his hair.

Since he has lost his hair, people have also tried to know if he had a hair transplant, which he has reportedly denied having performed one, according to The Guardian.

Jude Law Does Not Care about His Hair Loss

In December 2020, Law spoke with Italian publication IO Donna and implied that he was not much bothered about his losing hair, becoming bald, or that his looks were changing.

“It amuses me. To think that at this age I feel happy in my skin, I’m enjoying this decade,” he stated, expressing that he loved his “golden boy” image but also enjoyed his present self.

Jude Law walks out with his new hair look.

Jude Law walks out in public with his new hair look. (Photo: Instagram)

He made the remarks responding to a question about the “thorny” subject of his hair loss and how he felt of his present age.

He continued to say, “Acting is a strange business: at the age of 20 you’re in a minefield. I speak from a male point of view, which is obviously completely different for a woman.”

Jude Law’s Haircut over the Years

When he first landed in the film industry circa the early 90s, Law was caught on-screen in his youthfully thick head of hair and his trademark v-shaped hairline.

By the late 90s, the English actor tried various other haircuts, including a classic side part with long-ish sides and even longer on top look while playing Dickie Greenleaf in The Talented Mr. Ripley.


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He then became known for a sort of messy, disheveled look that sparked millions of copycats. Of course, the messy look also raised the sale of hair wax — just saying!

Law also sported long hair at a certain point in his career, followed by a hat look to cover his lost hair.

His hair has been noticeably fuller in recent years, making it hard to tell whether the hairline has actually moved or if the actor had some kind of hair transplant.