Apart from being a famous actress, businesswoman, and fashion model, Joy Bryant is also a happily married woman. She has been married to stuntman Dave Pope since June 28, 2008.

Over the years, the diva has openly gushed about her husband and how he has always supported her.

For instance, she spoke with Us Weekly at 29Rooms' Opening VIP Night in Los Angeles in December 2018 and shared that he lifted her "by not being abusive" but "by being supportive."

Joy Bryant's Husband Is Supportive and Respectful

During the conversation, Bryant was very candid about her marriage to her longtime husband Pope while revealing the simple things he did to support her.

Joy Bryant and her husband Dave Pope climbing the mountain in New Zealand.

Joy Bryant and her husband Dave Pope climbing the mountain in New Zealand. (Photo: Instagram)

She explained that he wasn't a bad-hearted person or abusive. Instead, he was always supportive of her, as he constantly loved her, looked at her as an equal and with respect.

"And listening!" she said, adding another good quality about her husband.

Not just that, the couple is also aware of their respective responsibilities, which has helped them grow individually, too.

"You've got to do your own thing. I mean, two days after our wedding, he went to a job in Morocco and I went to do a pilot in Vancouver and we were apart for three months," she later told Men's Journal in September 2018.

Bryant continued, "Even now, I just got back from being away for two weeks and before that, he was away for two months. There are plenty of people who spend every single day together and hate each other or get divorced."

But the two back each other always — and believe a little bit of time away isn't a bad thing.

The Parenthood star feels that doing your own things helps to keep things fresh in a relationship or marriage.

Look at Joy Bryant and Dave Pope's Wedding

Bryant and Pope's 2008 wedding was an intimate evening ceremony in The Hamptons.

The wedding took place sometime after the two first met on the set of Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins. They also became engaged in October 2007.

Coming back to their wedding, the pair took their vows in front of their 100 close friends and family members.

Since it was an intimate ceremony, the couple reportedly opted for a relaxed ceremony and reception in the backyard of a friend's home.

However, the actress didn't compromise on her dream of tying the knot on the top of Kilimanjaro. Hence, she asked her artistic friends to lend a creative hand.

Three weeks later, her bohemian wedding day finally became a reality. Located in New York's posh suburb of The Hamptons, the wedding location was reserved a mere week and a half before the big day.

Joy Bryant and Dave Pope at Present

The couple is presently very secretive about their personal lives, due to which their recent happenings are under wraps.

Moreover, from their long-lived marriage, they don't have any kids. Or, even if they have kids, they have not revealed the details in public so far.