In 2013, Jourdan Miller participated in CW's reality series, America's Next Top Model.

She showcased herself as one of the strongest contenders on the show, having won five challenges and received six first call-outs.

Miller was crowned the eventual winner after beating Marvin Cortes in the finale.

However, while participating in the show, the model revealed a piece of information from her personal life, which caused a surge of reactions from fans.

Jourdan Miller Claimed to Have a Husband

Miller, aged 19, told ANTM that she was married a year prior. However, her marriage was short-lived. "I was married at eighteen and divorced at eighteen," she said.

But during her revelation, she didn't say who her husband was and how her marriage broke down.

Miller shared she had her regrets, but claimed her marital ups and downs gave her a life lesson molding her into who she eventually became.

According to Miller, her previous husband wasn't "very nice" to her, seemingly explaining her divorce. She further noted her decision to get married to a husband was "the biggest mistake" of her life.

The producers incorporated the clip of Miller talking about her divorce in numerous episodes.

Model Jourdan Miller posing for a photograph.

Model Jourdan Miller posing for a photograph.  (Photo Credit: Instagram)

If the outpour in social media is considered, it became evident that the show's fans were annoyed by the decision.

"It wasn't her fault," claimed one fan in their writing. While another said the repetition annoyed them.

In addition, a different user questioned the idea behind repeating what she said in nearly every episode.

On the contrary, Reddit users gave a different view on the matter, in a thread posted in November 2013.

The majority alleged that Miller was saying things purposefully to gain sympathy votes.

At the same time, others suspiciously questioned if she was not sharing the full story regarding her split with her former husband.

After exiting from ANTM's cycle 20 as the winner, Miller took on many modeling opportunities, home and abroad, which helped her make a name for herself in the fashion industry.

With fame, people started getting interested in her private life, giving rise to speculations related to her relationship status.

Does Jourdan Miller Have A Boyfriend?

On December 09, 2013, Reality TV World published an exclusive interview with Jeremy Rohmer, Miller's male competitor, on the fashion show.

During the chat, the interviewer touched upon Rohmer's televised stint with Miller, asking whether he had a crush on her.

To begin with, the model denied the claim, saying there wasn't much of a crush, but confessed to finding her attractive during their initial meeting.

Rohmer shared he walked out prematurely after knowing she had a boyfriend.

Unfortunately, Miller's fans are yet to learn her side of the story as the model hasn't either accepted the claim or denied having a boyfriend.

At present, Miller's relationship status is seemingly private, with concrete details about her love life not available in public.

And, while it is not accurate to consider her social media posts to paint a picture regarding her private life, a scroll down her official Instagram and Facebook accounts does not provide any potential hints related to the model and her boyfriend.