John Michael Higgins is an actor renowned for his role as Peter Lovett in the TV Land original sitcom Happily Divorced. 

And for those asking, "Is John Michael Higgins married?" Yes, Yes He is. He is seemingly happily married to his wife and former co-star, Margaret Welsh.

He and Welsh have been married since 2003, making their marriage almost two decades strong. They share two children, making them a happy family of four.

John Michael Higgins’ Secret to Happy Marriage with Wife

During a conversation with Closer Weekly's Joyann Jeffrey in November 2019, Higgins opened up about his relationship with his wife.

While doing that, he also shared some secrets to his 20 years of marriage.

The actor placed "communication" and "respect" right at the top before adding "but we’re also big conversationalists."

A picture of John Michael Higgins for the promotions of his show 'America Says.'

A picture of John Michael Higgins for the promotions of his show 'America Says.' (Photo: Twitter)

He continued to say, "We often will talk on subjects never having to do with showbiz. I’ve heard everything she has to say and I’m still surprised by her. I’m sure she’s bored to tears with me, but that has been a great solace in my marriage."

Higgins also loves spending private time with his spouse quite often, which reportedly includes having a drink together and talking for a long time.

John Michael Higgins and Wife Got Together Before Making It Big

Unlike many celebrities in Hollywood, who start their relationship after coming into the spotlight, Higgins and Welsh hit it off before making it big in their careers.

The two reportedly met for the first time in Connecticut, where they shared the stage on a production of George Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man.

John Michael Higgins and his wife Margaret Welsh in the 2003 production of A.R. Gurney's play Big Bill

John Michael Higgins and his wife Margaret Welsh in the 2003 production of A.R. Gurney's play 'Big Bill.' (Photo: Facebook)

In the previous interview, the actor even shared that he followed a strict personal code of conduct before he met his current wife.

"I had been an actor my whole life, but always had a rule that you do not date anyone you work with and you certainly don’t marry an actress — and I absolutely did both," Higgins shared.

And it was after he got married to his longtime partner, he found success in Hollywood.

He impressed audiences with his quick-witted, fast-talking characters in films like Pitch Perfect and Best in Show.

His performance in the sitcom Happily Divorced was also well received by the audience.

On the other hand, Welsh earned recognization in the industry with her performances in acting projects such as Jake in Progress, Are We There Yet?, and The Bold and the Beautiful.

In 2004, she also received the Lortel Award nomination in the Outstanding Featured Actress category for playing in the stage play Big Bill.

John Michael Higgins and Wife's Family with Two Children

Higgins and Welsh have two children in their family. They first welcomed a daughter, Maisie, into their family and subsequently had their son, Walter.

When asked how had fatherhood and being a family man changed him, he told Closer Weekly that it was a "huge humility trip in a cosmic sense."

He said that when you are a parent and run a family, you're not the center of the universe. He explained one can’t talk to a child for more than five minutes without learning something about themselves.

"Because they are the ultimate truthtellers, even when they’re lying," he added.

The America Says host also revealed that his children had artistic temperaments just like him and his spouse. He personally felt his daughter might be a writer in the future.