Joey Badass knows what he wants when it comes to love and relationships. On January 26, 2022, he appeared on the Lip Service podcast and opened up about his personal life. 

Right off the bat, the hosts and the rapper started talking about their horoscopes and how those determined their need for monogamy and polyamory. 

Joey, who was a Capricorn but felt more like an Aquarius, shared that while he could not speak for all, he felt a monogamous relationship was not for him. 

Joey Badass Wants More than One Wife

Before the interview, he had tweeted that most people had been in polyamorous relationships their whole lives. The only difference was they were not honest about it. 


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According to the rapper, if an individual had ever been sexually involved with someone non-exclusively, they were polyamorous.

He iterated men wanted more than one wife or girlfriend, but because the concept of polyamory was not accepted, men resorted to lying. 

The rapper opined there was nothing wrong with people loving and wanting more than one person in their life. He revealed he wanted to be in a polyamorous relationship with over one wife.

“I want two [wives]. They will have to be cool with each other, they’ll have to be able to call each other if they wanna get down like that. But it’s not a requirement,” he said. 

Joey Badass on Lip Service podcast talking about wanting more than one wife/woman

Joey Badass talking about wanting more than one wife/woman on the Lip Service podcast. (Source: Angela Yee/YouTube)

He insinuated that in the future, he could probably end up having two families in the same city. But since he liked to be bicoastal, he would prefer to have one wife in New York and the other in Los Angeles.

The rapper explained that the need to have over one wife/woman in his life stemmed from the fact that it was impossible to find everything he was looking for in one woman. 

Joey Badass's Breakup with Baby Mama

Joey did not explicitly mention if he was currently in a polyamorous relationship or had any woman in his life. But in 2019, reports claimed he had broken up with his baby mama. 

The rapper and his baby mama welcomed their daughter, Indigo Raine, on March 28, 2018. 


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In April, he tweeted about the life-changing moment, writing, “March 29, 2018 my life changed forever.”

A few months later, the rapper shared a photo of himself lying in bed beside his daughter to mark the special occasion of Father’s Day. 

In the caption, he thanked all his fans for their wishes and gave a shout-out to all the fathers to enjoy their special day. 

Later, during his appearance on Complex’s Open Late, he talked about fatherhood. 

“It’s amazing, It’s a life-changer to see this little human you co-created with someone. She’s like my little twin. It’s honestly the most heartwarming thing that’s ever happened to me. and it happens literally every time I look in her eyes,” said the rapper. He added he loved every bit of his new role.