TJ, the 'Joe Byron guy,' has found a home for himself. The piece of information came to light after a recent video started circulating on TikTok.

"Joe Byron, thanks to you guys, got his apartment," TikTok sensation TJ said, taking to the camera while flashing the keys in his hands.

Later, a couple of more videos related to the viral star were uploaded on the TikTok account, which goes by the handle @ejleon57.

In the first clip, the previously homeless man was seen preparing an omelet in his kitchen. While in the second video, he was spotted at a tailor's trying on a new suit. 

Who Is TJ, the 'Joe Byron' Guy?

Prior to getting a home for himself, TJ was a homeless man living in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York.

TJ received massive attention after he was seen mispronouncing the name of American President Joe Biden in one of Sidetalk's YouTube videos.

After the initial video went viral, Sidetalk, an Instagram-based entertainment channel, featured TJ in their succeeding videos, which received equal attention.

Alongside his "Joe Byron," his other catchphrases such as "What's up, Bryon?," and "What's up baby? Take me out to dinner," became popular among TikTokers.

Later, a compilation of his clips that went viral on social media started being known as the Bing Bong meme.

Given his wide popularity, Intenet users started getting curious to know who he was.

Later, his story of homelessness and life struggles became public knowledge.

As a counteraction, TikToker Zoe McCreary and her husband approached TJ and extended their hand of support.

McCreary set up a GoFundMe page for the viral man in order to buy him a home.

Later, the couple told him about the campaign that they had set up for him. 

TJ thanked McCreary, her husband, and everybody who donated for his cause, saying, "remember, you do make a difference."

TJ's Son's Controversial Appearance and the Subsequent Backlash

After TJ's videos exploded on social media, his son, who goes by the TikTok handle @trippsoblunted, posted a video of himself talking about his dad.

In the clip, his son said that he'd seen his "pops" on TikTok, and it made him happy.

TJ's son also spoke about how good his father recently looked. "The last time I'd seen him, he wasn't doing so well," explained his junior.

Towards the end, the TikToker used the opportunity to make a personal request.

He asked TikTok users to help him get "through a thousand followers," so that he could go live on TikTok.

In a relatively new video put out by @trippsoblunted, TJ's son was seen upset with all the hate comments he'd received lately.

"I have always [expletive] bothered with him," he said in his response to a fan comment, who asked as to why he cares about his dad now.

TJ's son claimed the fact that his dad's absence from social media made him lose contact with his father.

He said he knew about the whereabouts of his father only after he'd seen TJ on the viral clips.

Additionally, TJ junior claimed his father had lost every single phone number he had, making it difficult for his son to get in touch.

"I would love to see my pops right now," remarked his son.